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Fantastic photo! There is nothing in the world like fresh picked farm corn. It's sooo sweet and tender. We had many, many farms here that had corn as far as you could see, now there is no more corn just houses as far as you can see. This is progress in a suburb?? I find it all very scary. TFS.

The farmers are just getting into the fields her in the Cornhusker state! I can't wait for the first batch of sweet corn!!!

Wow, your corn is MUCH taller than ours right now lol. Ours is only about 4 inches tall! I too can't wait for the sweet corn! Yummmm... my DD keeps saying she wants to eat corn on the cob (she's 3). She doesn't understand yet that we have to WAIT for it and boy is it a LONG wait!

thanks for sharing!


oh, and you know I love your photography!!!
wonderful photo with leading lines!! awesome job as always!

OH sweet corn goodness! Can't wait 'til we have some here in NE, the Cornhusker State! LOL It is a summer treat, indeed!!

Boy, you are teasing me Big time!! We just moved here to Hawaii per the Air Force and I don't think they grow corn here. the commissary was sell one ear of corn for .70 each. I have'nt even check the local food chains yet. So far it looks like I am on frozen corn for the next 3 years or its .70 each. Oh Brother!!

Yummm, there IS nothing better than fresh, sweet corn straight from from the stalk, is there? Congrats on your new MFT DT gig!

~nice photo. You know what they say..knee high by the fourth of July?...looks like it will be a good crop ;D. Like I know?

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