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You had me snorting water ALL over the screen on this one, that is SOOOO something I would do.. OMG, I am just CRACKING up over this one!

Love your 'golfy' card!
And there's always some reasons to go stamp shopping, some better than others - 'golfy' is a very good reason! ;-)

W O N D E R F U L example!!! You really are a genius!!!!! TFS.

Oh you crack me up!!!! I was lauging so hard at your "golfy" card! Adorable!

Too cute and so 'golfy.' You do realize you have now set a precedence, don't you? When you want new stamps he will just tell you to draw them!

Ha, good excuse to get more stamps!
The card is great, and I'm sure he'll like it too! Very creative!

You've got this whole stamp-shopping-thing down to a fine science!! LOL!! Very cute card Anna!!


So cute! And very "golfy!" LOL!

WOW! Looks great Anna!!!! :D

What are WE ordering now? ;oD

ROFL......"golfy"......."buy more stamps"........girl, you CRACK me up!!!!! And I love the pic of the turtle ~~ I think he's adorable!!

You are so smart, I love it, and the card!

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