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Oh my goodness, this card is sooooo cute! I love the hedgehog it's perfect. TFS.

Oh my goodness, this card is sooooo cute! I love the hedgehog it is perfect. TFS.

Oh my goodness, this card is sooooo cute! I love the hedgehog it is perfect. TFS.

My first thought was:
Only Anna would think to put a hedgehog in the corner...it is absolutely perfect. It completes the card. Anna, I think you are an incredible artist. I wish I had half your talent. Half your eye for detail...well, maybe two eyes, but half the ability...no I want both eyes to work...

Anna, you are VERY talented.

This card makes me smile Anna! It so reminds me of my oldest son (5) who has recently gotten into a directional back scratching phase (go a little sideways mama, a little up, a little down, ahhhh). Super cute!


This is sooooo cute. I wish I had your imagination and a little of your talent. You can make a cute or beautiful card out of anything. Love your photo's too.

These images are so cute and the card is adorable! The hedgehog is just perfect...

Made me laugh.

ROTFLMAO!!! Way too funny! Thanks for making me laugh today!! :)

A great card - too funny! :o)

Totally reminds me of Baloo, from Jungle book. Love how he scratches himself on the trees. Love your sentiment with it too!

Too funny! I hope he resolves his itch.
Thanks for sharing your incredible talent with us.

How cute and funny is that??!! LOVE it! (of course, I have a soft spot for Bears~~it's what I call my hubby)...we are a BEAR family!!! Thanks for the smiles, you have the best blog on earth!!!! :)

This is toooo cute! I can't possibly buy more stamps because of your creations....!!! And by the way, thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. Of course those Whipper Snapper stamps were bought because of you...not to make you feel guilty or anything.... : )

thanks for the great laugh!!! I really really needed that today! also, I can't wait for the new WS stamps to come out . . . is it time yet??? snort!
thanks again!

This is so cute! LOL

How cute! Thanks for sharing!

You're a NUT!!!

I love the back scratchin' bear -- cute!! :)


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