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You need to quit your day job and get yourself out their as an artist and illustrator. You could be making zillions, that is if you're not already! You are sooo super talented I can't stand it!

Ok, so why aren't you selling these paintings? I totally see this as a book jacket for a children's book, a self-help book, or even a general story book. Have you ever read "All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten."? That guy writes really great and funny stuff (sorry, I'm blanking on his name) and you could paint his next book cover. I see it now...coffee mugs, bookmarks, keychains. Just kidding about the keychains. :) Seriously, you are so very talented. Thank you for sharing it with us and for inspiring me every single day.

Splendid!! TFS,

I love the "simple lines". It is adorable. It has the "look" that catches my eye. You do awsome work!!

Love it emmensely!

ANNA!!! I think this must be meant for me! Hellooooooo....SUNFLOWER! Now I'm thinking I should commission something from you for my craft room...we're gonna have to talk about this!

This is such a fun illustration. It would be perfect in a kids book!

I admire all of your talents! I think you would make a wonderful illustrator!

Anna this is wonderful! I love his cute little face! Carrying his little heart!

Wow! This is just GREAT! You MUST frame it and hang it up, I love it! Can't wait to see MORE!!! :)

Anna, that is wonderful!

If I ever write a children's book ... I'll sure know who to contact to be my illustrator! :)

Anna, that is wonderful!

If I ever write a children's book ... I'll sure know who to contact to be my illustrator! :)

Anna, that is wonderful!

If I ever write a children's book ... I'll sure know who to contact to be my illustrator! :)

I know what you mean about finding your own style. There are several artists I admire and I tell myself that would be my style if they weren't already using it! :) But, I've seen your cards here and at SCS and you DO have an identifable style, so be inspired by your own card and stamp designs and go for it!

this is just wonderful - sweet and i love the graphic quality. bold and colorful. nice simple designs. beauteous :-)
More please :-)

I meant "excellent if you ASK me." Sorry.

This is absolutely adorable. Excellent if you as me. I think you're a painter!

wow, I think children would be very drawn to these vibrant colors and the simple shapes kids love! You are truly an amazing artist in so many ways! TFS!

You should have been a children's book illustrator. This is wonderful, and it looks like something off of a child's book. It kind of reminds me of the book with the Goose and the old woman on the cover that had all of the nursery rhymes in it. I have you added to my reader, I can't wait to see more of your art!! :)

You just ooze talent! This picture is great -- I think you'd be a FABULOUS illustrator :) ~Jenn

Oh Anna,
I think you'd be surprised at what people want to see. Your artwork has always inspired me. Honestly, what have you got to lose?

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