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OOOOOOOH, AAAAAAAH!! The photo looks good enough to eat! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE chocolate cake. One time a made a scratch chocolate cake with coffee in it and my granddaughters hated it, LOL. Their taste buds were no conducive to fresh and real products, ha ha. They like cake from the bakery in the supermarket!

One thing I was taught was not to beat the cake too much, it will cause it to not rise well, and as you said, the humidity can be a factor. HTH. HUGS.

Oh man, I immediately began salivating at the sight of your beautiful cake... don't hesitate to send some my way if you have too much!! ;)

I love cake and am not much for frosting, but if this is homemade icing, I can make an exception! You know my address. Send Pierre with the cake. He will be sleeping too much anyway to notice it. (send an extra piece with the Fed-Ex guy too so he doesn't touch my piece) Hugs to the baker! janet in nc

Your cake makes my mouth water. Looks delicious.....Please take a bite for me.

YUUMMMYYY! I'd gladly take some cake off your hands!

Wow - that cake looks gorgeous! But you used a MIX?????? I'm shocked (and a little relieved, too) - I thought you could do EVERYTHING!

Well, Happy Birthday to Allan - Anna - when do you SLEEP?!?!?!? (Beautiful cake - my mouth is watering!!)

Yes, please do give some cake to the mail carrier! My husband is a retired carrier and he loved getting treats from his customers! I bet it tastes great!
Sandy Kay

Looks oh so sinful and yummy!!! Save a piece for your UPS man/woman! :)

Like I said earlier...cake ships well to Colorado. Especially CHOCOLATE cake :)

You did good!

Can I have a slice? Mmmm looks good!

Anna, your cake looks delicious. My hb tells me he didnt marry me for my baking skills. lol

That looks delicious. I guess you can now add "cake baking" to your long list of talents!

WOW! That cake looks deeeeelicious! Homemade chocolate frosting??? I'm intrigued.

Yum-O, looks like you did a fine job to me! HB to Alan!

It sure looks good to me and I'm the only female I know that is not a chocoholic! BUT I do like frosting!!!

The chocolatecake looks really yummy!! I´m curious about the recipe of homemade chocolate frosting.

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