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I love your phots and cards. After living in Texas for 33 years, now residing on Richland, WA, I have really enjoyed looking at your bluebonnet photos and the recent picture of the storm. You never realize what you miss! It may sound wierd, but I really miss the Texas thunderstorms - can do without the hail though.

How BEAUTIFUL!!! WOW Anna!! That sorta looks scary though! EEK! Thank goodness for your mountains here! I have a HUGE fear of tornado's....the thought of them makes me shiver!

the tornadoes touched down by downtown FW (my dh and db just missed them....) and one came by the next town's mall... I could hear a rumbling of thunder that didn't stop.. must have been that second tornado. The kids were in the pantry and when the hail started, I thought for sure we'd see one- the sirens were going off- really a scary dinner time up here!

What a nasty-looking sky! I guess maybe living with these weather conditions so much, you kind of get used to them. But for me, I would be terrified. As soon as my garage door starts to howl from wind, I am taking cover and am a nervous wreck until it stops. They say that Texans are one tough lot and now I know why!

if I saw that out my deck window, I would be grabbing animals and in the cellar faster than you could blink an eye. Hate wind, hate storms. I already have my storm kit ready and my spot scoped out in the cellar. I think this is going to be a bad year here in Michigan.

Interestingly, my son loves to chase storms-in his Geo Metro!

Wow, what a cool picture!

Cool picture, but it sure looks scarey! Tell Alan he did a great job!

Cool picture, but it sure looks scary! Tell Alan he did a great job!

That looks SCARY!!! Hope you and the 'kids' survived the storm.

Are you back to your whippy self? (I've never heard that phrase and it cracks me up!) :)

Scary. I hope you have a basement where you live. It looks like you're gonna need one. That reminds me of when we lived in the midwest. I barely see a cloud out here in sunny San Diego. Let alone a front. The last huge grey sky I saw like that was the firestorm. It looked just like this but it was smoke not atmosphere.

VERY cool pic!

Wow, give the boy a cookie -- he did a great job photographing our lovely spring, LOL! Sorry you're having to experience such a turbulent spring, Anna -- this HAS been a pretty bad/unusual one.

W H O A!!!

As scary as it looks, that's an AWESOME photo!! Thanks for sharing it!!

Wow Anna, that is some dark cloud. About what time was that taken? Awesome picture of nature!! So Alan has a love for photography also?...

Oh wow! And that's what we're looking forward to here in Georgia today. They've been warning us that it's coming for 2 days now. We had softball sized hail on Wednesday night near us. Can't even imagine something that big falling from the sky! Hope you didn't have any damage from those threatening clouds last night!

WOW...and I thought we got some dark clouds here in Vancouver! I hope all the animals are safely inside...and the stray dog!
Take care, on the news I heard Dallas was being warned they might have to evacuate and they were expecting baseball size hail!
Wear a hard hat!
Stay safe!

Oh man, that DOES look like TX in the Spring! Mercy, those are some ominous clouds, huh??!! Thanks for the great picture, sure am glad you are still in one piece!

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