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you got way more than we did.... my kids thought it was so wierd they didn't want to go outside.. like it was contagious??? lol!

wow! I'm from San Antonio and my parents said it's been unusually cold there, too. You guys should have sunny skies and be wearing shorts by now! Stay warm...

Stay warm Anna. :D

I KNOW!!!!...SNOW!!!!!
I got Ellie all ready to go take pics in the bluebonnets, and then...NOPE...it's snowing!!! LOL!

You sure ARE having some crazy weather ... first the tornado watch and now the snow. We are used to snow in April up here in Southern Ontario, although we did get spoiled a week or so ago with some 70 degree days. Before you know it, everyone will be complaining on how "hot" it is!

It's supposed to be 35 as the low tonight in central Florida! My brother said it snowed in Flower Mound and my friend Dee said all her flowers were frosted out and the apples are gone in MO. Crazy weather, for sure.

The weather in Michigan has been goofy too, even though it is expected here! I hope everybody warms up soon--even Rover!

Anna, we have about three inches so far here! Zowee! Stay warm, and thanks for the photos!

It's so pretty! You could always have a stamp retreat on the farm...I'm just saying!

This is just crazy easter weather! Stay warm. I love the bluebonnet pictures you have up, especially with the doggies!

Oh, that is so weird and here in the UK it's 70 degrees. The weather is definitely weird at the moment, we should be in the mid 50s, not the 70s.
Hope the snow doesn't last too long, but love your photos of it.

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