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Absolutely beautiful photographs! It is nice that we have had all this rain for the bluebonnet's to make there way out! Should be a beautiful Easter. I love your photographs. I am another transplanted Texan! Chris

Oh Anna, what gorgeous pics of Farley & Daisy in the Bluebonnets! They look so happy and content there on the farm! Sorry to hear about poor Twinkle Toes, I hope she will be feeling much better soon! Huey must be quite the charmer! I so look forward to the pics of all your babies!

Awww I love the picks of Daisy and Farley!!!! Everyone always looks at us crazy because we will pull over and put our dog out in the bluebonnets to take pictures while everyone else has their kids all dressed in Easter outfits, LOL. Nala is our baby what can I say! That clip from the Ellen show was hysterical!! Now I'll be honest, I love Jesus but I do drink a little, LOL! I hurt from laughing so hard!!

What beautiful pictures. The lighting and the the flowers are all perfect.

Stop it! This is just cruel and unusual punishment Anna. You (and your pictures of your babies) are the reason I am craving a chocolate lab right now! And these pictures are not helping! I love the big flappy tongue pictures! Give some love and kisses to the pups and Twinkle Toes for me! :)

OMG!!! I looooooooove your babiesssssss :)

These pictures are just awesome. I love the bluebonnets. The dogs are beautiful. They are so shiney and healthy looking. I am so glad to see the flowers since I did not get to go to Texas this spring. I hope Twinkle Toes gets along okay. Thanks again for the beautiful photos.

Poor Twinkle Toes! That must have been terrible for her. So glad she is feeling better - hopefully she won't lay anymore eggs.

LOVE the all the photos of flowers and the dogs! I love dogs! Just got a new puppy a few weeks ago - so sweet - so TEETHING! haha

Have a great day!

Anna, these are beautiful photos! TFS

I really feel for Twinkle Toes...I'm glad she's had some relief!
With 9" of rain, your "tank" MUST qualify as a LAKE now, lol.
The photos are EXCELLENT, I just love them!!
You make me want a dog, I can hardly take care of myself never mind something else, LOL.
Your link to the Crafty Secrets gallery led me to find an entire gallery by Lisa Strahl - What an absolute treat, TFS.

As always your photography is stunning no matter what your subject!! However, these two children with fur are looking pretty darn smart amongst the bluebonnets!! I just LOVE how you share all your fur & feathered family members with us! Hope Twinkle Toes will feel better soon!

I so look forward to your farm tales! Keep 'em coming!

Those pictures are beautiful!

Hope TT is feeling more like her old, sassy self soon! :)

BEAUTIFUL pics!! Your pictures always make me smile and brighten my day. Thanks for sharing! Crystal

Oh, precious babies in bluebonnets! How BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for sharing these fabulous photos :)

Great photos! I love doggies-in-fields photos! They are so happy!

Poor little Twinkle! Glad she's ok. Huey must be some kind of swooner! :-)

Your pictures are fabulous. I so enjoy seeing what you post next. I to love my camera and enjoy taking pics, pics and more pics. Thanks for sharing your wonderful treasures.

I just found your blog last night, I LOVE your photos. I am just trying to learn to be better with my new nikon camera and I love seeing beautiful work from pros like yourself. do you ever give pointers. I could use all the helpful hints I can get :)
the pups are too cute too...I am sure I will be visiting here often!

What absolutley gorgeous photos Anna! Looks to me like everyone it lovin' their move to TX!

Those babies look so adorable in the bluebonnets! I notice the grey around Daisy's muzzle, I think only because she is so chocolately. Beautiful pictures, Anna!

Aww, the pups are adorable, Anna -- great photos! We got some today too that I hope to post soon.

Anna, I just had to tell you how much I've been enjoying your photographs. I'm a SCS junkie and have frequented your blog for some time for your beautiful cards. Then I got sucked in to the move to Texas (we're in The Woodlands) and life on the farm with your amazing managery. Now, I log on hoping to see more of your extraordiary photos. I can't decide which ones I love best - the adorable animals or the stunning flowers (perhaps those which combine both!) You, my girl, have many gifts, and I wanted to let you know how they're touching all of us out here in cyberland! Keep 'em coming -

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