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Ugh! That stinks!! I got food poisoning one time and my roommate got it too (we were in college) and it was aweful trying to share the bathroom between us. :0) Hope you're feeling LOTS better by now. {{hugs}}

Sorry to hear about the food poisoning...hope you feel better soon! ~Aileen

Oh my, that is not too good! I hope you feel better soon!
Sending Get well soon wishes and hugs your way! :0)

Oh Anna - I'm in my mid-fifties and the sickest I've ever been was on vacation in FL when I ate some seafood gumbo. Immediate food poisoning - even before I could get back to the condo. It took two days out of my precious weeks' vacation. I called the restaurant and the manager told me he had eaten the same thing and didn't get sick. I didn't believe him.

You have my deepest sympathy.

You will get better.

Ooh, so sorry you aren't feeling well. Hope tomorrow brings a better feeling day!
Gina K.

oh nooooooooooooooo Bummer, Anna!! Feel better soon!!!

Oh Anna, I hope you are on the road to recovery. I had food poisoning once...thought I was dying. Make sure you get rehydrated...and don't try to get back into the swing of things too quickly...rest and take it easy.

Hope you feel better soon! I will keep you in my thoughts. I love the new little cow, and can't wait to hear what name you come up for him! Chris

What an ordeal! I'm so sorry that this ATTACKED you. I didn't have food poisoning but a bug that was similar to it, and girl, I have to tell you it was MEAN! My DH bought me some Pedalyte Frozen Pops, and my doctor suggested adding Gatorade to it to rebalance my electrolytes. HTH and TFS.

Yuck..I know how bad that feels...just wanna curl up in a ball and next kill the person whose job was not properly done!!! Usually the restaurant will not acknowledge it being their fault.....but that is no doubt food poisoning!!! My cousin works for the dept of public health here and more than a few times she has told me about cases and urges that people should call her!(or whoever in Tx.) Not trying to stir your pot???knwim.....but I do feel for you and can give unwanted advice(see her?) but do take it real slow and increase fluids. Praying for ya..............

oooh...I feel your pain. I've been there and when it's over you feel like you have been run over by a truck. Rest and feel better real soon!

Better get BETTER

UGH, so sorry about your sickness...and DO let either the restaurant or the health department know about it! It's really important that they be alerted :) Sure hope you feel better REALLY soon...and SO glad you have a wonderful guy to help take care of you! That's NICE!

:-( Sorry about your 'bug'! Been down that road - fortunately it's a short one! Feel better soon!

You just brought back memories of when I was sick after eating at a restaurant last May -- remember?!?! *SHUDDERS* That was awful!!! I've never been so sick, I feel for ya!

Rest up and get back to your old self soon :)

I'm so sorry you got so sick! I love the little guy up in the corner throwing up! I know I shouldn't laugh, but he's cute! Take it easy, get lots of rest and let Alan take care of you for a day or two. He sounds like a real gem already!!

Oooo... I hope you feel better right away! What a blessing that you have Alan to help take care of you. I am not a good patient at times too.
Please rest up,

Oh Anna...I hope you get to feeling better soon! Food poisoning is never fun! Get some rest and take care of yourself.


I hope you feel better real soon. It is not fun being that sick. I just love all the pictures of your animals that you post on your blog. Your new baby boy is just so cute. You are an awesome photographer. Rest today and hopefully you feel much better.


Anna, You poor thing! Food related illnesses are the worst! Feel better soon! And, while you might have lots to do today, do take it slow. And, LOTS of WATER! Get that moisture back into your system. I would also call the restaurant and let them know what you ate and that you became ill. If no one gives them the heads up, how can they know to change things!
Take care. Manetta
p.s. that little one is adorable and he needs a regal name if his mom is called Princess........

Anna, Sorry to hear you got so sick. I might suggest letting the restaurant know. Sometimes they may not be aware of it and by letting them know they can do a better check on their food items to prevent this from happening to others. Ida

Sorry to hear about the food poisoning. I got that once from a restaurant and thought I was just dying. We never went back there, and the place went out of business a year or so later.

Take care of yourself!

Ugh ~~ I hate being *that* kind of sick! I get the flu every year & it's horrible ~~ I'd rather get just about anything else!! Hope you're feeling better soon!!!!

Ugh! Sorry to hear that - hope you feel better soon!

I am so sorry you are not feeling well. Many thoughts, hugs, and prayers going out to you for a very speedy recovery!. Maybe watching the new calf will help you feel better. He is SOOOO precious. I wish I had a small farm! He looks like a "Pierre" to me..not sure why. Or, how about "Sweet Pea" (which he will hate when he is older as it is not a big boy name). You know, Princess and the Pea? Janet in NC

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