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Thanks, Anna. It's scary to think where this stuff will show up next.

Another wonderful and kind act on your part, thank you and TFS.

thanks so much for posting this. It has been hard to keep up with it. My dog likes people food the most so we have added that to his hard food instead of canned food lately. We were lucky that the 3 brands of cat/dog food were not on the list. He always hated the Alpo so we switched. Sammy is a very old (14 1/2) red bone hound. We treasure every day we have with him.

Thanks Anna for doing this.

Thanks for the link! My babies are all safe, so far! It is really scary to think that you do the best for your pet in food, etc. but yet you could be killing them! My girlfriend who lost a kitty a month ago, just lost another to kidney failure! BUT she didn't feed her babies anything from the list--we both use the same--Fancy Feast by Purina.

Thanks for the info -- scary stuff!

I lost my Clancy before the recall was announced and didnt have an necropsy done. But everything points to this as far as symptoms go. Its scary because the government doesnt think the animal feed is important enough to monitor yet we read of humans eating this canned stuff and already a few people are sick too.

Thanks so much...they keep adding more and more...it's great to have the list! :)

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