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Hi Anna,

I've been a fan of yours for months and love your talents in card design and photography. When you moved to Texas, I emailed you to welcome you! I've started a blog since then and have you listed on my blog roll and would be honored to be added to yours.

Thank you!

Hi Anna,

I visit your blog often and really enjoy seeing your creations. This is such a great idea. I would love to have you link my blog to your site. I will also add your own site to mine.

Thanks, Antonella

Site: http://scrappyant.blogspot.com

I'd love to be on your blogroll. Yours is one of the few sites I try to check regularly. Hugs~

Wow, what an honor it would be to be added to your blog roll. I am fairly new at all of this. I really enjoy reading your blog. I learn so much from my fellow stampers this way!

I would love to be added to your blogger list...


Thanks Anna! Ü

I would be honored if you'd stop by! Yours is fantabulous and I stop by on occasion.

It looks like you have a lot of work to do, LOL!

HI Anna, I've got your blog in my google reader and LOVE checking it out. I would be honoured if you checked out my little blog - it's only been going for a short while...
Thanks for your amazing inspiration and the whimsical humour you share with us in your blog. - Ann

I subscribe and get your blog updates via email.

I'm at www.marielovestostamp.blogspot.com

I follow your blog using Google Reader, and I just love your stamping, photography, and your look into farm living. (I also enjoy your ebay store :) ...) I'd like it if you'd add my blog to your roll, and you're already listed on mine.

Yikes! You have a BIG JOB a head of you!!

Yikes! You have a BIG JOB a head of you!!

Hello Anna, I've been browsing your site for months now and love your work. I'm a beginning stamper and love getting tips from the experts.

I am a Texan living in S. Korea and sometimes have trouble finding the supplies I need/want. I am dying to try gamsol with watercolors but can't find the Gamsol brand. Do you have any advice for a gamsol substitute? Would a regular clear turpentine work?


I love your work. Your stamps and watercoloring are lovely.

Here's my site ...


Oh, me, me , me!! *raises hand uncontrollably! LOL!
Thanks so much Anna!!!
Gina K.

Wow, how fabulous of you!! I'd love to be on your blog roll - I love reading about all your adventures on the farm. We have chickens, that's all for now but we've had pigs in the past and I'd like to get a few goats, such fun!! Thanks very much!

wow - betcha didn't expect such a HUGE response! I'm a new-ish blogger, but have been reading your blog for a while now (and yes, you're linked from mine already).
mine is: www.glittergirl.typepad.com/
thanks, sweetie!

I'd love to be linked. I have you linked on mine. I love your blog...

Here's a link to my paper crafting blog. I try to update it a few times a week.


I would love to be added. I have you listed as one of my favourite sites on my blog.

Take Care!


I would be tickled to be added to your blog list! I already have a link from mine to yours and I enjoy reading of all your adventures in photography, farming and stamping.
You've visited by blog before but here is the address again: www.artfullyinking.blogspot.com

-Kristin Soboloski

I would love to be added to your blogroll, I enjoy reading your blog and see what is going on on the farm!

Hi Anna
I received my nice glue pad and refill :) thank you!
I would love to link with you and invited you to do an exchange quite some time back
So glad you have decided to hook up with us now :)

Yikes, Anna, are you sorry you asked? I see you already have quite a few responses. Well, if there's room for one more, I'd be very honored. I adore your blog and your art.
Linda McClain

Ummmm, yes I blog. I'm so addicted to yours that it's kind of funny! My husband and mother get to listen to me ooh and ahh over the photos.
My blog:


Hi Anna! Wow! You've gotten alot of response! I'd like to add mine too! http://craftaholicsanonymous.blogspot.com

This is so nice of you!!!

Hi Anna! Your blog is always inspiring! I check in daily (you're in my fav's).
Here's where I blog http://livelovelaughstamp.typepad.com
Thanks, MJ :)

Anna,I love your blog. Your watercolor cards are outstanding, as a matter of fact there isn't anything I don't like about your blog. If appropriate, please add me.



I would love to be added to your site. I love your site, especially your photography. It was fun chatting with another transplanted Texan! With your permission, I would love to add you as well. Chris

Wow. That's a lot of people to add -- you've got a great site here and I'm a regular subscriber. I'd be thrilled if you added me. I'll add you back for what it's worth!



I would love to have my blog next to yours! I have admired your work for a while!

Here's my link -


dini from SCS

Like everyone else here I would love to be added to your blog list. I check yours out everyday! I dabble in photography, love to scrapbook, and of course make cards! I will add you to mine....(Even though I know you have quite the following! : )

Hi Anna,
I have only been blogging now for a few weeks, but am very much enjoying it. If you would like to link my site to yours I would be honored. I enjoy your blog!
Frances aka StampOwl

Wow - I would be honored if you added me to your blog list. I check your blog often (usually daily) and I absolutely love your card designs and your photography (oh yeah, and your love of animals too).

Would love to have you link to me. I check your blog every day!



I would love to be on your blog roll.


I'd love to be added to your blogroll. I come by and visit your blog quite often. Love your photography and your crafty talents too! Please come and check me out....


You can check my blog here:


I would be honored to be lised on your site. I love all of the inspiration that I receive from reading your blog.

It would be a privilege to have my blog listed on your site. Yours was one of the first i ran across when I started my blogging adventure. I try to check it daily.

Thanks so much,

Would you please check out my blog and add it to yours if acceptable? I have you in my links as I love reading your blog and seeing what you are doing.
Cheryl Sims

"Oh, I hope she picks me..." Well, I would be extremely honored. I am one of your biggest fans! Janet in NC

IF - you feel my site is worthy. I am a new blogger so am still learning.
Happy Stamping,
My Site is: http://stampnscrapwithpaula.blogspot.com

Hi Anna...love your blog and your animals (esp. the baby donkey)...I blog here: http://stampinwhenican.blogspot.com/

Cheers to you!

Hiya Anna!! I would love for you to add mine to your list!! Come on over and visit me!!

come visit my blog. it would be an honor.

The opportunity for the ultimate honor? Sign me up! My blog is 90% stamping and 10% life! I'm a daily visitor!


My blog is mainly about rubber stamping on cards, with a few projects here and there. I'd love to have it linked here. :)

Oops forgot to leave my link

I would be honored if you linked to mine too! I love your blog. I would love to link back as well.


Hi Anna - thanks for the offer! I visit your blog practically every day - truly enjoy it and would be honored if you check mine out (and add me to your list as well)! Thanks so much...

Cathy - stamper-c on SCS

Seriously? I would LOVE for you to include me in your blog roll. It would be an honor to be listed with other bloggers whom you find worthy. :)

Anna...I'd so appreciate it if you'd add my link. That way, I can easily navigate back to my blog from yours, since I spend half my time on your blog anyway. LOL!

Thanks for all you do!

I would love it if you would check out my blog at http://poeticartistry.blogspot.com. I love checking your blog and seeing your latest designs.

Would love it if you checked out my blog again. You are an ispiration!!!

WOW! I'd love to be considered for your blog roll. I check your blog daily and have you on my google reader. Here's my site: http://wellsaidcards.blogspot.com/index.html

I'd be honored if you had my blog linked - I have had yours since day 1 of my blog & on my google reader (which I LOVE) so I know about all your recent posts. I enjoy your blog with the mix of photography & your sweet farm animals!!
www.stampamaniac.blogspot.com (name of my blog Serenity in Stamping)

Hi Anna, I would love to have you check out my site and possibly link me. I have you in my blogroll and I visit each day. I really like your mix of stamping and photography...you are one super talented lady.

Here is my web address:

I would love to be on your list. I love your blog and love looking at the animals. They always make me smile.

Yes please! Sign me up! I check your blog every day and I love it!

Are you kidding Anna? What an honor, you know how much I love your stuff.

Are you kidding Anna? What an honor, you know how much I love your stuff.

from an avid fan(stalker ;D) add me too if you'd like to...? correct me if I am wrong doesn't stalker in stampland stand for loves to {S}tamp-{talk}. Anyway, that's what I mean when I say I am avid stalker ;D

That would be awesome Anna! I love your blog...and am also an avid sewer(only straight lines though...lol) and really enjoy stopping by to see what you have conjured up:) I have had you on my blog link for sometime now:)
Dawn C.

Hi Anna, I know you've visited my blog before but will give you my link again. Ida

I would be honoured if you linked to mine too! I adore your blog...I stalk it actually if the truth be known.
I also need to learn how to create a list of links to blogs I enjoy...I'll work on that today! :-)
Thanks for all the beautiful photography!

I would be honored to be added to your blog list! I already have a link from mine to yours and enjoy reading about your farm adventures and seeing all of your beautiful handmade creations. Thanks for sharing!


I would love it if you linked my blog to yours. I've had your linked for a very long time and love visiting your blog daily. You are an extremely talented lady.

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