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How cute! Since his Mom is a "Princess" then he should have some sort of royal name, too. Maybe something like "Sir Loin" or "Buckingham"(Bucky, for short)! LOL

He is so cute...
Nice photos.
Thanks for sharing!

I absolutely love your photos and especially those of your animals! I think Cole ("Coal") would be a cool name with all that black hair. Hehehe... thanks for sharing.

How about "The calf formally known as Prince", since his momma is Princess. LOL!

He's so adorable! My mom thinks you chould name him Braveheart. And there's nothing wrong with cow licks, my dog gets them all the time, it's cute! Congrats.

How sweet is he??? :0) I love baby cows--unless you happen to be on the "pulling end" of one being born.....MESSY! LOL Anyhow....he looks like a hairy little guy, so a cute possible name could be "Prince Hairy" HAHA! Thanks for the great photos! :0)

Hmm.... I was thinking 'Clapton' - you know the song "after midnight" it was the first thing that popped in to my head reading your post. You could also name him 'Hank' - like Midnight in Montgomery.Hank Williams.... anyhow he is beautiful.

How Cool. My son, who's 5, loves when I show him pictures of all the animals that you have on your farm. He thinks you should name him Blackie. :)


Such a miracle is born. Congratulations. How well I remember seeing a new born in the field and naming it immediatley. Sometimes, I was wrong!!!!!!

Such a beautiful little boy! And what awesome pictures. I wish that I had 1/10th of your talent, I would be a super happy woman!

Have a great day!

Congrats Anna!! Wonderful photos of your new addition. Isn't nature beautiful? Thanks for sharing these photos with us.

Awwwwww, I love your farm pictures and all the stories that go with them! Sweet little guy!

Ohhh, Anna! He's so sweet! I love cows!
Hope we got more photos ;-D

Oh Anna, he is so adorable! What a sweetie! This brings back memories for me too of my aunt and uncle's farm growing up, it was my most favorite place to visit! I'm with Viv, I think Midnight is the perfect name!

Congratulations! I think he looks like a Winston!

Thanks for sharing. I love it. I like midnight also.

Congrats on the new addition! He is adorable!

I look forward to your great photography everyday. I think GM would be a great name, short for Got Milk! teehee

I love baby cows!!! Well actually I love baby anything except for reptiles of any kind. I think that you should name him Duke or Prince, you know stay in the royal theme. I cant wait to see more photos of babies.

Viv is right!! Midnight would be perfect! :)
He's adorable, Anna :)

AAAAWWWW - How sweet! He is just adorable!!!
I just love getting these glimpses into your life.

How adorable! That little guy is just precious! I think his name should be Midnight!

Anna, How sweet! While being a "city girl" I can appreciate the beauty of new life. Can we give a name choice now? If so, I'm going for "Braveheart" Ida

congratulations, they are beautiful. The photos are out of this world as usual! TFS.

Who knew that cows could be so drop dead gorgeous! I think you could make anything look good...no I take that back. I remember that picture of the Wolf Spider...ewww! The picture was great....tooo great!


Oh, I absolutely LOVE new calves ~ they are so adorable! Reminds me of times spent on my grandparents farm. Thanks for sharing this little guy with us! Can't wait for the name game! :)

Aww he is just adorable! Congrats on the new arrival :)

Oh, Anna, he's beautiful!!! And cow licks aren't so bad! LOL Thanks for the great pictures, I hope he stays healthy and strong. The proud Momma is really pretty too...gotta love cattle!!!

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