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I must remember the martini when a storm is threatened. We have "rollercoaster" weather here in Col. OH. On Tuesday we had a siren test that started around 10am...I didn't know what is was about and it scared the bejeebers out of me! Thank God my husband decided to buy one of those emergency weather radios, it's so cool. It has a flash light, electric outlet, radio, and TV bands, and the sound is great. I find it well woth the investment.
I hope you and Alan and the animals arer okay and do exactly what Alan says. HUGS and prayers, TFS.

Anna, I am keeping all of you in my prayers that you will all be safe. Please let us know when you can that everyone is ok! I hope the thunderstorms aren't too bad for Mister Farley. We have had more tornadoes here in MD the last few years than we ever had in the past but luckily I have not experienced any myself. Take care and stay safe!

We are so fortunate in Southern Ontario that we rarely get tornadoes here...they absolutely terrify me. I am sending good wishes your way Anna to you, your family and all of your farm critters. It must be so scary for them too. Please let us all know that you weathered the storm and all is well.

We had inch hail on Tuesday and tons of rain-basements flooded. The sun was shining when I left-and it takes a lot for me to leave and drive anymore, so still recovering from the torrent and driving in it. But at least it wasnt snow.

Oh please stay safe! As if you wouldn't do your best on that, right?! Tornadoes scare me to death. Luckily we don't get too many in Ohio.
I hope it all passes over, not literally, but that it dissapates. (not sure on the spelling of that)
Much love coming your way!

I was wondering how close you were to the reports of bad weather I heard on the news. Hope you all are safe and sound, and sunny Texas skies will fill the weekend.

It's 6:20 here on the East Coast....I hope you and all the critters weathered the storm OK.

Oh my goodness, SCARY - I surely hope that you all are alright down there. Tornados are not something that we have to deal with much in Canada. My thoughts are with you.

We are gonna get some of that same storm here in Round Rock Texas. We are a bit south of you just North of Austin. We talked to some folks on the phone today in Oklahoma who were evcauating the office building because of tornado sirens. Prayers to all in the storms path.

We are getting the same storms. A lady died last night in one in western OK. Very sad. If you've never been in this kind of weather it can be scarey. I've lived my whole life in it. The lightning storms can be beautiful but frightning. Good luck and hope none come near you. Stay safe and I am remembering you in my prayers.

Oh Anna! I'll be sending good thoughts your way. A small town got hit last night by a Tornado and there were many people hurt and lots of property destroyed. I hate Tornadoes with how unpredictable they are. Stay safe!


Stay safe! hmmmmm none up here in the good ole tornado alley . . . yet! we have had some weird clouds today . . . but still no rain yet. it's been raining off & on ALL week. I think I am ready for some sunshine for awhile. we have even turned the a/c on the last few nights just to get to sleep cause it is so muggy in Kansas already! let us know you weathered thru those storms ok when you have checked all the animals too!

Oooo that's terrible! I feel bad for all your furry babies too! I hope everyone and thing stays safe!!

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