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Found your blog and have enjoyed all your posts. I love to 4-wheel too. Even at my advaced age of *50* plus I love the mud the best.

You and Alan sure know how to live life! Fantastic photos - Kudos to both of you! TFS.

You both look like it was so much fun! I have never been to Texas or 4 wheelin'
you make both look very appealing!
great photos! In one of the shots if you look really hard Alan undershirt is still white! lol
Thanks for the laugh Anna & Alan!

Girl ~ I had to laugh out loud...I am married to a Texan, and I *knew* exactly what a "tank" was. You fish em, mud em and dove hunt off the high bank. Glad you had so much fun!

Anna -you are unrecognizable as a true red-neck! Your blog made me laugh out loud today. Thank you!

My boys would love your house!!

Love it! What a good looking Muddy couple.

Now that is a good use of a tank!! Y'all look so happy. I bet it was a blast!!!

Hi Ana,
If you are a red neck I want to be one too! How much fun. I love this kind of get down and dirty fun. All the recent pictures of the animals are wonderful (yeah Alan too :))
What is the name of this darling little stamp you used on your ATC?

Girl, you are so at home here! When we were kids, we'd go spend the day at the ranch where my dad grew up. The boys would rig up a ramp so they could fly into the big tank on their bikes. Man, that was fun! I think some of my cousins STILL do this on the weekends, lol!

Oh, that is too fun! I love seeing how you enjoy life...it's so refreshing to know you have such fun with Alan and all the animals! And the 4-wheeler! LOL Thanks for sharing this great escapade with us! YEEHAW!

Looks like you both had a blast! Reminds me of the days on ATV's at the dunes! You wound up with sand in places you didn't know you had! Bet you had MUD everywhere! And, it was so GOOD to see photos of you and Alan! Looks like your move last July was a wise decision! :-)
Finally, yes my dear -- you are a redneck! Hugs to you all!
p.s. how are my namesake's doing?

If you aren't a redneck...you definitely are a brownneck! Too funny!

Looks like you had a blast. There is nothing like making your own fun. That day will be so much fun to scrapbook.

Now that looks like fun! Makes me remember all those childhood mudpies that I made. Ahh...sweet memories!


Anna, I love your farm stories and pictures. What a hoot the mud hole must be.

It looks like you two had a blast and that's what counts! I take it, it must have been warm and the water felt good. I loved playing in mud puddles when I was a kid. I loved the feel of mud smooshing up between my toes. In fact, I still do!!!

Is a 4-wheeler the same as an ATV??

It's late.....and I'm from the city ;)

Oh you crazy kids! :)

I've never been on an ATV, but it looks like fun!

Adds new meaning to the term "Dirty Girl" eh Anna???? *wink* You guys are a total riot - looks like y'all had a blast!!!!! ROFL!

HA HA HA!! What fun! Getting really dirty every now and then is so much fun.

what a stinkin' riot! too funny! I'm glad you had fun. I was talking to a girlfriend tonight and she had a boy ask if she wanted to go *muddin'*. well, I think you should nickname this activity *tankin'*. you might be a redneck... if you create your own watersport using water from a tank! :)
thanks for sharing your fun with us!

So much FUN! I love it!

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