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Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle, is'nt life grand?God knows where to send the strays...it's all about the love you and Alan have for these forlorn creatures. It does my heart such GOOD to see and hear about the wonderful things you do, TFS!!

Im always hoping you have something new posted on your blog. (myself and alot of other s Im sure!) Thank you Thank you for sharing your little section of the world. Fitz is a perfect name..:)

He is so cute. I can't wait to see a picture of Murphy. I love the name you chose for the little donkey.

Fitz is beautiful like his mommy. I love it when you share the animal pictures.

Yea! for a name. My Boyfriend is a "Fitz" too! His last name is Fitzgerald, but he goes by "Fitz" from most of his friends. Your little guy sure is a cutie, and you are so clever to do the democrat donkey naming thing! Congrats on the new arrival.

He's so cute - and I hope you never remind him that his gender was ever in question... that could damage a donkey's ego permanently.

bwahahaha...leave it to a little boy, lol! How cute, and what an adorable name!! Can't wait to meet Fitz's new playmates soon. ;)

How fitting! So glad the gender has been confirmed :) Hope Fitz has a wonderful time exploring his new world. Have a great week yourself!

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