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I'm sorry for your loss! All animals are precious in his sight! I will send "happy cow thoughts" your way from the suburbs of the Windy City!

It is hard when you loose a calf that you have anticipated for so long. I am so sorry, breaks my heart everytime we loose one. Sending tons of happy cow/calf thoughts your way from here on out!

sorry to hear about your calf Anna. We lost one two weeks ago, but it was due to the blizzard. It's always so hard to lose the newborn babies!!
PS, LOVE your rose card AND the new stamps in your store!!

I am sending lots of prayers and good cow thoughts for the upcoming birth. I am so sorry about the loss of the calf. How is the mom taking it? But for the great news of the chicks..that is wonderful. Life does go on.

Oh, Anna... so sorry to hear about the beautiful calf! I will definitely keep your other calf-to-be in our thoughts & prayers! Best Wishes! ((( HUGS )))

I'm so sorry about your little calf. I hope the next delivery is trouble free. I can only imagine how sad you must feel, your animals are so much a part of your 'family'

Sorry about your calf, happy thoughts for the next one. Thanks for enabling me to go by the store. As always, saw a few things I couldn't live without. Those new Crafty Secret stamps are AWESOME!

I'm so sorry you lost the calf. We lost our dog of 12 yrs this week. My heart goes out to you. Lots of happy thoughts for the new baby and mommy cow! Hope to hear a good report soon!

PS: I'm glad you're back, I missed you - welcome home.

Warm hugs to you and Alan, it is truly a sad situation when any baby dies. I'll be sending up prayers for the other animals.
On a happier note, I placed my first order for the Crafty Secrets stamps!!! Thanks sooooooo very, very much, that eased some of my sadness. Are'nt stampers easy to please?

{{hugs to Anna, Alan, and all the critters}} I know how hard it is to lose one, especially a little baby! Good thoughts for the other Dexter, and the chicks too!

So sorry to hear about the baby.. :(

sending you some happy cow thoughts. so sorry about your loss.

Aw, sad news about the calf :( - unfortunately, if you have livestock, there will always be "deadstock"... a sad fact of farm life. Sending good cow vibes to the next one!

*sending a happy cow thought* =)

Greetings from Sweden!

Hugs Petra

So sorry to hear about the calf... :( Will definitely be sending "happy cow" thoughts your way!! Ü

I am sorry about the calf. My brother raises goats and they just lost a baby a few weeks ago - makes my kids so sad (and me too). Baby animals are so adorable. Glad to hear the chicks are good though! I love reading your blog about the animals and the stamping - thanks for sharing your life.

*sniff sniff* That is soooo sad about the baby calf. I'm sorry.
I am glad to hear the chick is doing well tho, and now has a friend =)
Welcome Back Home!!

Awww Anna that's too bad about the calf - my extended family farm and are in the midst of calving season right now. I tend to stay away so I don't have to see that kind of stuff (it's a rather large farm w/ a lot of cattle so it happens more often than not).

I love reading all your posts about your animals (and the gorgeous pics!!) and the names you come up w/ (I 'specially love the turkins you called Manetta!!! ROFL!!)are just hilarious!!

Sending "good cow vibes" your way!!!

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