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How cute is that!! Thanks for giving us an update on these two chickadees! Is that little N' Friend full of some spunk or what!

Oooo.. I keep checking back to peek at that yellow chick! My 6 yo son wants one now! They are so cute! Maybe I need some chickens!

Okay, you're turning the hard core city girl into a farm and animal loving nut! I'm so happy that I live in an apartment and can't have them, otherwise I think I'd be busy trying to purchase pets. Yet again, thanks for enabling want and sharing, LOL.

OMGoodness! Look how sweet these chicks are! That picture of N' Friend is the best!

Morning Anna - just have to tell you, these are just so sweet. How lucky you are to see these creatures as part of your "normal" day. Must also tell you that I've had a blast looking at your "International Flavor" blog links.

Have a great day!

I originally started following your blog for the inspiration...you're such a talented artist. But I have to admit... I always look forward to seeing your "farm life" photos. My DS who's 6yrs old always asks if I'm looking "at the lady's page with the farm pictures." They're great!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

What a couple of cuties! Maybe a stupid question but why is one brown and the other yellow? Different kinds of chickens maybe? They both are adorable little things!

Why not enjoy a beautiful evening with God's creatures. We do the same with our Boston Terrier/French Bulldog puppies. They bring such joy into our lives after a long day of work. We love to snuggle on the couch & love seat with both of our pups! My husband has Brutus who is a brindle color & I have Bo who is champagne & white. They are litter mate brothers & are so much fun! Talk about polar opposites though! Your chicks have the same "coloring" difference as our pups. The chicks are just precious!
Ann from Illinois

Oh my these chicks are so precious! That little N'Friend needs to be drawn and made into a rubber stamp I think!!! I love seeing all your animal photos!!!

isn't it great to see all the character God puts in animals for us to enjoy??

Oh so UNBELIEVABLY adorable. Looks like N'Friend has quite the attitude - I love her.

Thanks for updating us on the chicks. They are so precious. I have often wished I had little feathered cuties to spoil. Next house maybe. Keep the pictures and stories coming. It gives me a great awwwww moment! Janet in NC

such cute chickens!! I love spring!! The vibrance and promise of it all. Lucky you to live on a farm and have babies to take photos of.
Thanks for sharing all of your babies with us.

Hello Anna, I just love your blog! Each day I can't wait to see the animal that will be featured. What a wonderful treat! The chick is precious. I take that back, all the animals are precious in their own delightful way. All photos have been so special. I just can't imagine. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of "A day in life of Anna". I look forward to your next post!

Thanks sooo much for the pics Anna ...have you thought of a book with the pictures of your farm animals...you take such great pictures! Love Doreen

I can't think of a better way to spend a Sat night! And DollieMae is just beautiful!

I want some!!! They are sooo cute! I wonder if you can have chickens in the city? Wouldn't my neighbors love me. I don't know what I like more, seeing your card designs or your critters. Since I'm a stamper and a Veterinary Technician I guess I better not choose :)


Anna, I can't think of any better way to spend a Saturday night than with my husband, "spoiling" the farm critters. You are so lucky...and so are your critters! Thanks for sharing these precious photos.

what sweet and precious chicks! i love the little golden one all stretching on his tip toes! and the chocolate brown one is beautiful!thanks so much for letting us *city slickers* step onto your property and sit and share these miracles. i do enjoy them so much! take care of those precious babies...

Awww, they are both adorable! I just want to put them in my pocket :)

Oh Anna, thanks for sharing a fluffed-up version of the little guy! His friend is cute, too. :)

Anna, I love your animal pictures, and my little boy is thrilled to see them as well! TFS!

LMAO at your naming process, Anna! Hum, me thinks there might have been a little green ale flowin' at the farm tonight? :D Thanks for the chick update and Dollie is adorable, too!

I just LOVE reading your blog!!! and I thought my house was a zoo but nothing compared to yours. good thing I don't live on a farm cause then hubby would def need another job to feed the extras. lol!

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