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just too adorable!!

Love this picture of Fitz. Looks like something you'd see in National Wildlife kids magazine.

I love it! He looks like he's workin' the camera! perfect spring picture!

awww.....he's so cuuute!

Cute! I love this picture! Someone obviously likes having his photo taken! Well done and thanks for the updates.

ah what an adorable picture.i live vicariously thru you, i hope you don't mind!
thanks for such lovely photos, and the beautiful flowers! soon(i hope) mine will emerge from the snow and fill my days with color, in the meantime, thanks!!!

Fitz is too cute! You are such an amazing photographer! Love all your photos!


You are a wonderful photographer! And this donkey is so sweet! I love all the animal pictures you post ... I agree that this should be submitted to a magazine. Thanks for sharing!

I always love your photography Anna, but this one is exceptional - makes me just wanna come hug the little wild guy!!!

Anna, Fitz is adorable, and I love him walking through a faint carpet of blue bonnets!

He is adorable! I think he's also grown into his ears a little. I sure hope some magazine can use that photo because it's just plain FABULOUS! TFS.

You are a very gifted artist in so many ways. I look forward to your photos as much as I look forward to your cards. Thanks for sharing these cuties, the flowers, even the eggs are precious!

He is beyond cute, and the photography of him is excellent!

He's adorable! I'd recommend submitting this photo to Cute Overload!

Fitz looks so content. He reminds me of "small one" the donkey that carried Mary to Bethlehem. Love how the blue just pops out!

This picture is fabulous and it was so nice of Fitz to accommodate you and your camera! Maybe he was hoping for a magazine cover when he posed! He looks so sweet and innocent but with just a wee hint of devilishness in his eyes!

Awwww, he's so cute and fuzzy! :)

Fitz is SO SWEET! If only I could give him a hug. He might not like it but it would make my day!

Such a beautiful picture. You are a great photographer. You are totally making me miss the bluebonnets (born & raised in Tx but stuck in NY).

I want one! He looks so cute and innocent. Thanks for sharing.

He is just so cute that I just want to take him home with me. lol Don't think my neighbours would appreciate a donkey in the neighbourhood. It's such a beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing your farm animals with us.

How cute is he. I really look forward to seeing all of your photos, they're always gorgeous. If you ever come to Australia, I have a couple of subjects in mind for you, my 6 mth old little boy & my lovely little pony.

He looks like he was groomed for this shot! So cute!

Oh, this picture is just AWESOME!!! I love it...you are just SO amazing!!! You should submit and submit until SOMEONE prints it! Just too cute for words...how adorable. I did so love the bluebonnets and paintbrush when we lived in TX...the beauty of nature is sometimes overwhelming!! Thanks for sharing with us...can't wait to see more!

I adore all your animals ... even the eggs ... and your photography captures them beautifully! If you have any tips at all for taking a great picture of a horse please let me know...my niece would die for a great picture of her beloved horse and nothing is quite working out for me...
Thank you for sharing your world with us all!
Sue...aka The Sassy Stalker! LOL

OMGosh, Fitz is adorable in the Bluebonnets, Anna! Some magazine SHOULD take this photo! Looking forward to your upcoming Texas flower photos!

I wonder if he'll ever grow into his ears =D

I think he IS the cutest Donkey EVER!!! Your photos are just amazing!! Thanks for sharing with us! :)

awwwww flowers & Fitz! what a combo! both are just too cute for words! I think Fitz would look marvelous on the front of any magazine. he is so innocent looking for anything . . . but being a Mom I KNOW looks ARE deceiving! snort !

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