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Our neighbors just came home Saturday with 2 Great Pyrenees puppies!! Talk about a house full!!! They are such gentle giants. Losing any pet is losing part of the family. Hugs and wishes to all the farm family.

Look at those eyes! She's just gorgeous! I just love big dogs, and she looks like such a sweetheart!

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! She is a BEAUTIFUL dog...it was love at first sight. She reminds me of a dog my cousin had that was named snowball, it wasn't a Pyrenees but just as beautiful, TFS!

I just love your beautiful photos...the animals have such a great character that you capture! I'm telling you that you need to do
a life on the farm calender!! I would buy it!!

What a beautiful dog.. sigh... soon we'll have one.. there's an empty place in my heart waiting to be filled with a dog...

Your pictures can be a scrapbook page in themselves...They are amazing!!

How sweet. I love big dogs (don't tell my poodle...shhhhhhh)

Dollie Mae is beautiful! I love Great Pyrenees....give her a pat on the head from me! :)

She is so sweet looking! She looks very kind and gentle! You have such a wonderful variety of four legged creatures all around you. It would be a joy spending time at the farm!

She is gorgeous and of course so is your photography!

gorgeous dog! so you got her when you bought the farm?? how cool is that!!!
love this life you share with us!

She is georgeous! I love the giant breeds (we have Mastiffs).

Anna, what a beautiful girl DollieMae is! Just look at those eyes!

DollieMae has both wisdom and gratitude in her eyes...she is so beautiful.

Inky Paws had a great idea...you should book getaways to your farm. Stamping workshops and quality "critter" time. What a concept!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We adopted a Great Pyrenees a little over a year ago,and it's been a great, interesting year. We looked up the basics when Holly first came to live with us, but info on the breed is not that easy to come by. The link you provided was very helpful and made me realize we have a very normal puppy girl on our hands. I'm still not sure how to handle the sleepless nights from her barking at every single creature, insect, or leaf that moves in the yard.

DollieMae looks so sweet! Even though I'm scared of big dogs, I'd pat her on the head :)

she is gorgeous!!!! I sure do love all of your photography and you make me want to find my old 35mm to take some pics. thanks for sharing your farm & family with us! I for one enjoy it alot !

OMG! She is beautiful! Just how many animals do you have on the farm? I don't know if I would rather come down to your place and spend time with all of your animals or in your studio! Hmmm...have you ever thought about booking out a spare room?

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