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wonder if there are any green houses around here.. hmmmmmm

have you made a trip to Dallas Blooms?? it is phenomnenal!!! My eyes hurt from all the color- literally!!! lol! I can't wait to go next weekend!!! We'll make a day of it with a picnic basket and all!

Thanks for sharing a hint of spring with us. Your photo's are all beautiful.

Love your photos of the flowers. I am addicted to taking photos of flowers too. I am hosting a card swap and wanted to extend an invitation to you to participate. If you are interested just leave me a comment and I will add you to the list.
Have a wonderful day!!

Beautiful photo, Anna -- tulips are one of my favorite flowers (had them in our wedding).

Oh Anna, that is just beautiful. Tulips are my favorite flower to watch pop up and bloom. Thanks for sharing that today.

how absolutely GORGEOUS! I love to take photos of the kids at the wholesale nursery my husband helps manage, and never, ever thought of hitting the greenhouses! OOOH, you're good! Maybe this weekend. . . hugs!

Absolutely beautiful!! Now if you would stop posting these farm and flower pictures, I would cease to yearn for moving back to the Pacific Northwest. Your pictures make me miss the Evergreen State and all that it offers. The Sunflower State just doesn't compare.


Thank you Anna! You made my day!(We are having a snowstorm here in WV.)

Thanks Anna for the preview of Spring as I sit here using up our last calamity day for the year. If we use anymore days now we will have to make them up. It's nice to look at your beautiful pics and dream. Springs right around the corner here in Ohio. Can't wait.

Will you hire me as your apprentice :) I love taking pictures of flowers!!!! My hubby and I love to garden and you will always find me in our yard with my camera during spring/summer. I just hope that my neighbors don't see me sneaking around in my PJs in the early morning light, LOL.

Wow - you have so many talents! Thanks for the taste of spring - we have another cold spell here in the Northeast.

Last year we went to the Cotswolds in England. We visited this lavender farm -- hundreds of different varieties all in rows. Purple fragrant fields -- I wish I could see your view on that!! Our pictures did not do it justice :)

This is home! (I live in Eugene). Although we are back to rain today, we are coming off of a few days of glorious spring weather. Got a chance to enjoy these kinds of flowers over the weekend. Thanks for sharing your photography (we tried getting bird photos at Fern Ridge over the weekend).

What a gorgeous picture!!! Being buried in snow here, it gives me something to think about and look forward too!!

I am trying to decide which is better. Your photography, sewing or your stamping. The vote is in and I think they all rank up there in the awesome category. Thanks for sharing. Love this photograph. Spring hurry up.
Dawn B.

sniff! I miss tulips! Florida's winters are just too warm. I can hardly wait to see your pics of bluebells!

Thank you Anna for that little bit of springtime. Our tulips are buried under about 4 feet of snow. Its great to have 4 seasons and Spring is one of my favorites.

Beautiful, Anna! It looks so pretty since we got another 3 or so inches of snow last night. Yuck! At least we know Spring is right around the corner, but the question is....how far away is the corner?

Oh, Anna, this is beautiful and serene, and just what I needed right now. I get such enjoyment out of your photos! (and your cards, too). Thank you.

What a beautiful photo! Tulips are my favorites. I'm looking forward to visiting the tulip festival in Skagit County. You could take endless pictures!:)

Wow, that is stunning! I needed some Springy looking things to view, too! Our snow is still melting, I know Spring will get here eventually. Thanks for the fabulous picture!

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