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Hundreds of *PICKED, UNBUDDED TULIPS* are the untold story!! What would seeing the face of the worker show? His/her affectedness by the work - nothing more. The story isn't about the worker or how s/he is reacting to the environment. It is about the flowers. These judges are full of canal water. Apparently they've forgotten the K.I.S.S. principle. And the beauty is in the simplicity and wonderment. ~ Kaylyn

I love this photo! I have tears in my eyes as I read your thoughts on the photo; I agree too.....it's not about "the man"! Thanks for sharing Anna!

funny that the judges wanted to see the worker's face. That did not occur to me as I studied this picture. The compostition brings you in and you focus on the worker's handling of the tulips...then the creases of the jacket bring your eyes always back to the tulips. I LOVE this picture and remembered how much I had loved the single tulip blooming also. Thanks for going through the archives and sharing

Great pic Anna, you are truly an awesome photographer... must be a texas thang... my friend lives in texas and he's a photographer too. ANyways... any way you can come up to 'my neck of the woods' and photograph my kids? hehehe


The judges are just nuts! I adore this photo! I think that showing the face of the worker would detract from the simple beauty of the unopened tulips.

I think this is an awesome photo, Anna! I believe you captured the true essence of the harvest of tulips! I love those unstaged, unplanned photos - check out my blog banner when you get a chance, my DH took that photo on our property when it was soon to be property of me walking in reflection, that's why we decided to rename my blog to Serenity in Stamping & put it there.

I agree with you. I think the mood and feel of the photo would be ruined if you saw his face. The photo is not about the man but the tulips. It is a beautiful photo and I love it just the way it is. What a cool place to take pictures. Thanks for sharing your work. Have a great day!

Anna- you are an awesome photographer and a true artist. I've always loved your work and have enjoyed your blog and your card creations for what seems like forever. Never mind what the judges say- it is what you feel and think that matters most. That's what I try and tell myself whenever I post my work up for scrutiny.

Wow, what a wonderful photo, I can see why it is one of your favourites. I think the judges got it all wrong, every time.

Anna, What a beautiful photo! I actually am glad I don't see the worker's face -- that would have definately seemed 'posed.' And I love the focus on those tulip buds.
Thank you for sharing this photo. I think that I will buy some tulips at lunch today!
It is a wonderful spring day here in Oregon with rain expected tomorrow! So..... enjoy the moment!

I think you captured a moment in time that makes you think of the tulips destination and the joy people received from this man's labor...it was much better not to see his face as the picture is now you can read your ideas in it ...fire the judges! D

I agree with you, Anna. And how wonderful that you were near this tulip field and could see all those beautiful tulips as well as take pictures.

I agree with you, Anna. And how wonderful that you were near this tulip field and could see all those beautiful tulips as well as take pictures.

I have to agree with everyone else. It's such a lovely picture.....the promise and beauty of spring.

What a beautiful photo! I totally agree with you - it's not about his face. He's one of millions working hard and harvesting - he's just lucky enough to harvest tulips. HOW BEAUTIFUL a day must be in a field of tupips! Thanks so much for sharing. It's a definite prize winner in my book!

I'm with you...love the back of the workers with that huge bouquet of flowers in his arms...perfect!

I love how the man is sharply in focus while the background is not. I too think that seeing the mans face would detract from the picture. Not seeing his face lends a bit of mystery to the whole picture (i.e is he handsome?, does his face show that he's been working hard all day?).

That bunch of flowers is just beautiful too!


I am a photographer as well. Nothing much, just a small portrait studio that is portable. I specialize in pictures of special needs children. (my daughter has cerebral palsy). I am drawn to pictures from behind. Especially of two people interacting. I think it is more thought provoking that way. I truly love this picture. ART is sooo subjective!!

Wow, I think it's gorgeous. I can just imagine all those tulips opening in an array of beautiful color.

I agree with you- the face of the worker would be a distraction. The judges are nutz- this is a wonderful pic!

I echo everyone else's responses above! What do those judges know anyway!!! It is beautiful as it is--not staged like most are!

I love it! Some of the most powerful images, for me anyway, are not about seeing the face, there is so much more being said like this.

Anna, this is a wonderful picture. I think the judges are crazy! Can't they see the simple beauty of the picture? Well done :)!

I love it too. Maybe those judges just don't get it, but I do. It is a lovely photo. Your work is facinating. I loved the Blue Bonnet too. Can't wait until you do more. My husband left to go to his daughters in Houston this AM and he called me twice before he got there to tell me about the Blue Bonnets he was seeing.

I love it Anna. Some folks just don't get it.

I think this is an excellent photo!
The judges remind me of when I watch dancers and skaters on tv - the camera follows the faces and torsos, I WANT SEE the ARMS, LEGS AND FEET more often than the other shots!! Go figure and LOL!

Fire the judges...they know nothing! LOL
I think this picture is wonderful also...I think the face of this worker would take away from the beauty of the picture. It leaves me wondering, like you, about the destination of the flowers...but there is also a question about the man...does he enjoy his work or does he work so hard his face shows his toil? I will think he is enjoying the morning mist, the fresh smells in the air and the feel of the harvest. I think he is moving quietly and slowly about his work.
TFS another stunning picture...I think I have become a blog stalker...

I have to disagree with the judges. If they think it's about the man, they are missing the point. To me it's about potential... those ready-to-bloom tulips and how close they are to doing what they were planted to do. I agree with you... it's not about the man at all. :-)

WOW! What a super cool picture! I've never seen anything like that before! Fabulous as always Anna!

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