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Anna, darlin', I thought of you and yours during our recent bout with "da weatha" here in Texas. In the doppler shot you have in this blog post, I'm over in the yellow box waving atcha.

It's a wild ride in our part of the world in the spring time. We has landspout tornadoes a few days ago, followed by a few days of drenching downpours, and today has been a truly lovely (though a little chilly starting) spring day.

After 20+ years of life on the south plains, I try to think of it as a new adventure each day.

Stay safe and keep posting!

What a frightening thing to go through. I haven't had the TV or radion on, so now I have to go check and make sure your okay down there. I checked your current weather and things seem pretty calm now.

It's clear and dry sailing for you now! My brother lives in Flower Mound (what a great name for a town) just north of DFW area. He told me all about the 6 inches he got last night. He lives full-time in a motor home, that leaks when it rains so hard!

Look what I found on Webshots today! http://www.webshots.com/g/d2007/3-nw/65077.html
I like my "Texas Bluebonnets" with a little mountain thrown in! Kathy in FL

Yikes. Stay dry. I'm in Austin area and looks like a pretty day. Linda

Welcome to Texas, Anna! ;)

I'm so glad to know all is ok with you guys! How did Mister Farley do with those thunderstorms? Take care and stay safe!

Glad you guys are OK! Storms can be very scary, especially tornados. Have fun with the chickens, how cool!

Happy to hear all is well with you and yours, Anna.

Anna, please be safe! I worried when I saw all the tornado watches going on! Do you have a basement? Round up the animals and head for it!

I grew up in the Midwest so I am used to the severe weather but have never seen lighting like what we get here in Texas, it is quite the show. I am in Flower Mound, TX. We got a lot of rain but not near as much as you. Keeping you my thoughts, hang in there.


We are getting storms too. Welcome to crazy Tx. Spring weather!!!! The lightening is freaky and I am scared to death of lightening!! We always pray for rain but not for it all to come at once, LOL. Stay dry!!!!

Yikes, that is so scary! I've wondered where you live as I know you've mentioned visiting family in WA state (so how'd you get to Texas?) Weather here in Wally World is starting to look like Spring again!!!Hope you are all safe & sound. Ida

Whoa, that's a lot of rain in a short time! Sure hope the tornadoes don't come near you...that's scary. I have seen one that hit a mile from our house...too close!! Looks like we are getting rain all the way up to NE with this front...quite powerful; and my hubby is in OK City, so he's getting pounded too! STAY SAFE!!!

I'm jealous, I love a goood ole thunder boomer. I have only seen lightning twice in 6 years since I moved to sunny so. cal. And RAIN hah it's a spit. lucky you!! Except for the fear factor, I am glad you were safe because they can be super scary too. Do you have a basement? Just think tornado season is just beginning too. =D

Yikes! Methinks you need to build an ark! Stay safe.


Glad to hear that you're all okay though!

I was thinking of you last night when I saw on our local weather about all the storms/rain near you. I told my husband, "Hey, that's right where Anna Wight lives!" Stay safe, Anna!

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