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Opps! I knew I shouldn't have asked for that list. One of everything would only set me back $912.10! I did the math. Oh dear, I am in sooooo much trouble now! Kudos on the designs! I couldn't find one that I didn't absolutely need!

Anna, THANK YOU so very much for the list! I appreciate it! Manetta

Thank you so much for posting this list! I really hoped you would do this. Now I get to browse your collection and place an order! :) Congratulations on your wonderful work w/ Whipper Snapper. You're the best!!

Thank you so much for the list I love them all but the lady bug fishing is soo darn cute! I had NO idea you had so many non flower stamps! Oh my debit cards is going to hurt!!!

Thanks Anna - this is awesome!!

You are so talented! I love your designs.


Wow Anna, you totally rock! How exciting! You're illustrations are perfect

Wow... that was a lot of work. I so enjoyed looking through them...LOVE the cappaciono cup!!! Also, I made the Mister's cookies this afternoon...oh my! They are "keepers"!

Ohh, I love that poppy stamp! You are so talented! I do hope that you continue making cards, as well as stamps. I'd really miss you in the SCS gallery if you didn't post your artwork there.

Oh Anna! These are so special. Congratulations on your desings. You are so talented. I love the penguin and the California Poppy. I alos love the buuny card you posted today. Why do I always want every stamp I see?

WOW! I had no idea you had so many! They are by far the best Whipper Snapper stamps out! :)

Anna, thanks for taking the time to put that together. I am expecting my shipment mid-week, and I cannot wait to play!! Absolutely blown away with your talent, and so glad that WhipperSnapper snapped you up! Congratulations on an AWESOME release, my friend!

Congrats Anna! How amazing it must be to love what you do and have such incredible talent! Love your blog - keep it coming! :)

I had no idea you had that many!!!!! Yikes!!! They should have a special section in Creative Pals just for "Anna stamps", lol!!!!

Wow! That musta taken you forever!! Thanks for taking the time to list all of those for us Anna. You are just the bomb baby! There are just too many I want!!

Wow!! Congrats! Such a fabulous list! You are so talented!!!

I knew there were a lot designed by you but I had absolutely no idea there were 100. That's amazing! I just got my order the other day. I bought Love Bug, Annas cattails, Fishing bug, Bucket of posies, Chicken and flower and then the free Framed Susan. Keep up the great work. I love so many of them.

Wow, what a list, Anna -- these are fabulous!

Wow! These are all so very awesome. I can't wait to order some! Thanks for posting your designs...it makes them so much easier to find.

I just bought 6 new Whippersnapper stamps because I liked them. I got one free that was yours for my order. I can't believe how many I got that were yours. I got the three chickens, the fishing bug, flower & butterfly( I knew it was yours), lone pumpkin, little duck taking a bath, and puppy sniffing flower and of course the free cone flower. I really like them all. All but 2 were yours. Keep on designing. They are great.

Thanks for the listing! I can't believe how many more I *NEED* and I thought I already purchased most of the them! HA! I love them all, so keep creating!

California Poppy! Gotta have it! Are you going to sell these in your store?

California Poppy! Gotta have it! Are you going to sell these in your store?

I just bought that flower stamp!! I just knew it was one of yours!! Thanks for the info, I was so busy looking at stamps that I missed the search icon!

ps tried your cookie recipie, we loved 'em...of course, how could you NOT love something with chocolate and pb??


thanks for listing all these - I am definitely gonna be buying some of those! :)

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