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You are SUCH a CELEB, Anna!!! (didn't we already know this by your work though? YEP!) Thanks so much for sharing your joys, creations and accomplishments with us all! Huge congrats!

Wow Anna, that is hard to believe that this is the first time. You are so talented and have so many wonderful stamps. Congratulations. You should be so proud!

I'm so happy that you had a splendid day! Everyone should have one of those every once in awhile!

Gee, how cool is that Anna?? Jennifer Perkins commenting and then seeing your stamps in a publication!! Congratulations!! You deserve every bit of it!! ((hugz))

I **SAW** that ad and wondered if it was you! I am so proud of you my twin!

I love it when it when my Anna is so happy! *smooches*

I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful day! Good for you! :)

How cool is that!!!!!!! Congrats on being in the ad as well.

Wow! YIPPEE! What a great day! It's those little things that really thrill us. Way to go, girl!!

Omgosh how totally exciting!!!!!

what an exciting discovery! congratulations on your published design! you truly deserve it :)

That was the EXACT same thing I thought when I saw that ad... "that's Ms Daisy's card!"

Wow!! A comment by Jennifer Perkins!!! Awesome!!!!

And that is way cool about the WS ad ---I see someone posted from there above --is that Lisa??

You deserve it Anna!!! You are above & beyond *the* most talented artist I know!!!!

That is just WAY too cool to see one of your own designs in publication!! Kudos!

Our next ad has 3 cards with your images in it!

Oh savour the moments. It's nice to have fun days in between all the hard work.


I was looking through my February Paper Crafts magazine last night and noticed the same ad. Congratulations!

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