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Cute stamps, Anna! Your tote bag looks divine! Love the prints and the colours!
PS I was hoping the Bears would win (not that I really watched the SuperBowl) since there's a guy from our province on our team! A very inspiring, honest, spiritual guy.

That cupcake stamp is making me hungry....! Really enjoy your blog w/or w/out calories!

I love the totebag!! and when i sew and make a little booboo, that's exactly what i say, too!! that's how people will know it's handmade! haha!! thanks for the blog candy sweepstakes!!!

I love, love, love your totebag. I sew a little and bought some fabric to try out your coasters. Now I will have to find that pattern. It will take me a little longer than an afternoon to whip it out though. Can't wait to hear more about the fire truck. I tried twice to comment yesterday on that post but my comments never posted *pout* Thanks for sharing the blog candy. It's a really fun bonus although the inspiration is enough to keep me coming back :)


Ooo, my nickname in high school was cutie pie! Love the tote bag! Thanks for sharing,
Susan in TX

Love the stamps. Thanks for sharing with us. Enjoy reading your blog regularly.

I love blog candy!! Thanks for all the great projects you are so kind to share with all of us!

Woohoo, blog candy! How fun! Happy Super Bowl Sunday :)

Beautiful work. Hope you enjoyed our lovely state of Washington!

Thank you for sharing so much of yourself!


Watching the superbowl but thinking about stamping!!! :) Love your blog.

AND you sew??!! :-)

Love you blog, simply beautiful stamped creations! Would love to be entered into the drawing, many thanks!!

Kim, Exeter, NH

I read your blog everyday but the days you have blog candy are always an (extra) fun visit. Your cards are my *eye* candy so I am a winner either way but thanks for the chance this fun *blog* candy!

Are you watching the super bowl? Imagine playing in all that rain!!! Yuck! Have a wonderful night! Love those stamps! Lisa Keeffe

ok i'm getting a little hooked on this blog candy thing! those stamps are really cute :)

Add me to the drawing. Love the stamps!

Enjoy reading your blog! Thanks for offering the blog candy!

woo hooo blog candy, don't we all love those cute little stamps :) TFS

I love blog candy! I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the great work!

I would love a chance at some blog candy. Ü

BLOG CANDY....................

LOVE IT......


Love the cute Valentine stamps. Enjoy your blog and it's on my list of favs.

very cute stamps! I think your boyfriend might be nuts for buying a firetruck but I bet he's a lot of fun! Never a dull moment!

Adorable stamps! I am rooting for the Colts! My DH and I have our own party with nachos with the works! MMMM!

wow! more blog candy! that cute cupcake is the hardest to find... i think everyone grabbed that one first.

thanks for the offering the goodies and thanks for always sharing such wonderful cards, tips, and ideas!

lilian =)

Blog candy rocks! Just us and the kids tonite...about to start making Taco Dip...does that count as dinner? I hope it does!

Blog candy rocks! Just us and the kids tonite...about to start making Taco Dip...does that count as dinner? I hope it does!

Blog candy rocks! Just us and the kids tonite...about to start making Taco Dip...does that count as dinner? I hope it does!

GO COLTS! Have a great day!!

I love blog candy! We've already started making the snacks for our Superbowl Sunday event - it's just me and the hubby. :-) Thank you so much for the great tutorials you've offered - I've tried them all on my cards!

warm wisheds from Seattle, WA

I was just thinking about making your cute coasters when I should have been sleeping last night! Your blog is so much fun and entertaining! Will be doing crafting of some sort tonight, but making hubby a super bowl snack - pepperoni pizza dip. Not as good as blog candy, though!
Thank you!
Sandy Kay

Superbowl Sunday and Blog Candy all in one glorious day!


--Laura N.

Happy Sunday to you! I'm not on a diet right now so this is one candy offer I dont have to turn down.
Thanks Anna
Kathryn S

Now see who can resist blog candy and these are very cute stamps

My husband will be waiting up tonight to watch the superbowl, starts 23.25 over here and he always has to have pork sandwiches and glass of milk!!! very sad, but he has been doing this tradition for years so who am I to stop him

Take Care - Alex in UK

My husband and I were a blind date back in 1991 on Superbowl Sunday! No party here..just us watching the game on the couch. Thank you for the inspiration...you are very talented!

I love blog candy!Hope you are having a great weekend.

I love your blog and I'm always up for entering a blog candy contest. That's the only way to win! :) Thanks.

Thanks for the candy. Go Colts!

Dawn Pope
Fort Wayne, IN

You offer so much Candy... what a generous woman!!!


DH will be watching the game while I quietly stamp. Thanks for the candy offer.

Correction: Texas HOLD'EM!

You are ALWAYS thinking of others, amazing!
For our Superbowl event my son is the host this year. Lots of family, friends and co-worker's getting together at his home. There will be plenty of food and snacks, Texas Holem', and so much fun going on with that group of 2-6 year olds, ssshhhh... don't tell anyone, but they're my favorite group, LOL!

I am sick today so no superbowl party, I will quietly stamp while DH watches the game. Thanks for the candy offer.

Very cute stamps! Dh is at Fort Jackson right now for drill, so I'm hoping he'll make it home in time tonight to watch the superbowl! I need to go out today and buy snacks!!!

My DH and I met on Superbowl Sunday in 1998. It has become a tradition to watch until half time and then go out to eat. I can't wait!! We place our bets and wait until morning to see who won! It is hard not watching TV, but we keep ourselves entertained!

Go Canucks!! Ooops...wrong sport, wrong country...oh well. Love your blog and the stamps are too cute!
from soggy Surrey, B.C. Canada

Go Bears!
my grandfather played for them in the 1920s!
if I get past this migraine I will watch - I'm sure he is!

Since my husband is from IL... I have to say "Go Bears" although I am a die-hard Packers fan and would rather see any other team win... (just don't tell him I said so!) We're having our own little party with just the two of us and the doggie. :)

Love your blog Anna Leigh,, one of my favorite places to visit daily.Thanks for such fun.

Hi. I would love to win those cute stamps :) Thank your for all the inspiration on your blog. I want your stamps to come to sweden.

They are adorable! I always love coming here to visit. Thanks!

Yes, we will definitely be partying today for the game over at a friend's house who has a huge Super Bowl party every year. I am a HUGE Bears fan, born and raised here in Chicago. It's a big weekend for us Chicagoans. Thanks for the wonderful blog candy and enjoy the game.

Ok, "sweet"missdaisy - I have recovered after the 2 photo comments :) That was so much fun for me! Love your blog - show it off to everyone I can!
Have a great Sunday!

Anna, Those stamps are adorable! So where in Washingto were you visiting family at? I live in Walla Walla (aka Wally World). My brother is a Colts fan and invited us over for his party so we'll be there for sure. Have a great day. Ida

No superbowl party for me, but here in Chicago all I would need to do is step outside and I would fall into one! Go Bears!
Cute stamps! Thanks for all the inspiration!
Doris O'Donnell
SCS- athomemometo1

I "LOVE" the Bears, and Brian Urlacher is a "CUTIE PIE". It's not supposed to get above 0 degrees today here in Chicago, but we're all thinking of Miami weather and victories!! GO BEARS!! Thanks for all of your inspiration and goodies :0) !

Hi Anna! Love visiting your blog. Big fan of your work. Would love to be entered for the blog candy. Thanks.
Ruth Allmart.

Go Bears!!

Love these valentines stamps, I can't find them at my store here, lol. Love seeing all your work!

cute stamps...love your blog and your FABulous creations!!!

Woo-hoo! Blog candy! You are such a doll for doing this! Thanks so much for ALL of your generosity!

Check out your blog daily, thanks again for sharing your talent!

Cute stamps! Valentine's Day is one of my favorite times of year. Seems like Love is certainly in the air at this time and reminds us to appreciate the ones we love even more.

Good morning Anna,
Blog candy, what a wonderful sweet! Thanks for all your inspiration and instruction. Love to see what you have been working on.
frannyb on SCS beth beasley IRL

Wow I love the blog candy, how nice of you to think of sharing with others while making your purchases. Keep up the great job, I check in all the time!-Kristine

Darling stamps. Thanks for offering them.
Wendy Luse

I love your website. Cute stamps

Love your blog site. Theres always so many goodies to look at. Hoping that blog candy finds its way here.

Now who can resist blog candy, Anna?? I ask you!!

Anna ~ You are TOTALLY spoiling us w/ your blog candy... I *really* want these cute little stamps.
No SB parties here - I'll be stamping. ;-)
Kerry Davis

Love the blog candy! Your cards are inspiration to me. Thank you!
Rhonda P.

Oh sign me up too. So far no super bowl parties for us but that's okay. We really enjoy watching the game so that's how it will be. I just love your blog.
Chris Hauck

This is my favorite blog. Please pick me.

You are indeed spoiling us this blog candy. :)

cute stamps:) you're so kind.
Love your bog, been reading it every day now since i found it, hehe


cute stamps:) you're so kind.
Love your bog, been reading it every day know since i found it, hehe


Hi...like your blog and all of your creative ideas. I especially like your Whipper Snapper designs. TFS. Liann

Love your blog....and blog candy. Lisa-b

Wat a lovely little stamps, and a sweet thought to share a set with one of us blogreaders. Hope I'm the lucky one hihi;-)

As a further comment about the firetruck, I told my DH about the crazy purchase and he didn't think it was crazy at all. Yeesh...thank gawd he doesn't go on ebay! Cheers!

How sweet of you. Love your blog! Great ideas that keep me inspired to stamp more...

Pat S

Way cute blog candy! Hope you are feeling less tired today.

Wow, thank you for yet another blog candy offering! How nice of you. :-)

Cindy Keery

Such cute stamps! How kind of you to share! :-D

Very nice blog candy! I loved reading about your new firetruck! My ds saw it on the screen and went nuts. He thought it was cool that I *know* someone that now owns a firetruck!

my birthday is on Super Bowl Sunday! yay! no superbowl parties... but later on we'll have our buddies over for brownies... yum! :D

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