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Love what you did with the ribbon.

Thanks for sharing.

The card is great and NO you can NEVER have too many favorite stamps. I have know though where oh where do you find your little smilies! Love them.

I love this design! Did you do the bkgrd?
As for fav's, I just have too many to count! LOL!

Anna, I can so relate to what you said about taking so much time to create a card. Saturday it took me "forever" to finish my card for the IC61 Paper Towel inspiration challenge but I was super pleased with the results. I love your card here and your watercoloring is wonderful. Ida

You can never have too many favorites!

How adorable!! You can 10277 favorites. It's true.
Gina K.

Yea yea...mee meeeeeee! I'm the sunflower girl. You should send this to me right away, Anna! It's just so fun. AND, you must tell me about the images on the background too. Please don't tell me that you hand drew that...I need that tooooooooooo. You are so bad...enticing me with all of these fun things. By the way, luv the firetruck! You are definitely a unique couple...what with all of the livestock and now a firetruck too. Fun fun fun fun fun! Yeeehawwwwww!

I agree with Laura!! There is no rule haha
I have too many to think about how many favs I have.... Come on Anna, we are talkin rubah! How can you make us pick favorites? I love all my rubah!

I really like your sunflower stamp as I am a lover of sunflowers. Have you ever seen a Teddy Bear Sunflower? They are so neat! Not your typical sunflower. Have a great weekend Anna. Its -11 here.Brrrrrrrr!

I have lots of favorites -- this stamp being one of them :)

Get some rest this weekend!

I do believe the "Official" rule is ~ there is no rule... how can there be?

While I sit here desperately trying to come up with something witty and wonderful to say (not having much luck I might add - keep typing and deleting) I'll just state the obvious, giving my 'stash' of hundreds - they are all my favorite. Boring but true Ü

Ahhh...every stamp I own is a favorite.....even if I got a lot of them and missed to use all of them they all have a place inside my heart.....
Have a nice weekend!

Too many to mention!! I love the background plus the stamp, of course! Is the background paper or your doodling? Have a great weekend!

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