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Wow Anna...this pic is absolutely stunning! I wish I could photograph things like yoU!

What a beautiful photo! Do you ever participate in photofriday.com?

Anna your photography is always beautiful.

One of my favorite things to photograph are flowers. Than butterflies and dragonflies. Your rose is stunning!


O M G!!! ..............THUD!

What I would like to know is, how on earth you keep em looking so fresh so long!! I get roses and they are dead in days! Someone mentioned water is key? LOL!
Love the photo Anna =)

This is absolutely stunning!!

and you are knowing I wanted that info!!!
hey, I got my pictures of dd's first grade play of the card!!! yipeee! I got some great shots of dd's friends and they are fantastic! wow!
I'll post about it on my blog and tell you how we got the images recovered :)

That's fabulous not fabulousE, LOL.

What a fabulouse photo!! You have sooooooo
much talent, you are an artist.

That is a beautiful photo.Can't wait for springtime to arrive and the flowers to start showing their happy faces...:)

Todd got me 24 RED ROSES too My Twin! I wonder what Alan's birthday is? Do they think alike - do I see a firetruck parked in the driveway in my future?

Absolutely gorgeous, Anna! You are one blessed woman!

WOW, that is gorgeous! I had a beautiful rose garden when I lived in GA a few years ago...oh how I loved them! This is a fabulous photo...I'm sure all 24 are just magnificent. What a guy!!! :)

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