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You write very well.

Your pictures still amaze me! I want to be you when I grow up! *Ü*

What a GORGEOUS cat! I love his bed-head! Shame the belly-rub was a one-off, but don't despair! We have a truly demented cat who has taken two years to get used to us and has only just started sitting on our laps.

What a gorgeous face! I'm partial to orange cats as I have an orange tabby named "Cheeto". He's not a scaredy cat though, he's super laid back and smart as a whip! Love your little "purrson" he's adoreable!

Beautiful kittie Anna! Your photography skills are just amazing.

Linda (LSN on Splitcoast)

Moe reminds me of my daughter's Rusty. Moe could have been Rusty's son; they look so much alike. I don't know about Moe, but every time Diane and I sit down at the dining room table to stamp, here comes Rusty to sit in the middle of all of our supplies to watch us stamp, stamp, and stamp. I just have to smile.

What a great picture. He's a beautiful cat.

I'm totally a cat lover but my DH is allergic to them. We have a dog, a fish, and two ferrets (the ferrets being the substitute for kitties). They're cute and I love them but they're just not the same!

Thanks for sharing a little about Moe for us.
Rubber Hugs,

What an absolutely handsome kitty! I just love orange and white cats, but then again, that's why I'm owned by one. LOL!

What an absolutely handsome kitty! I just love orange and white cats, but then again, that's why I'm owned by one. LOL!

Moe sure is a pretty kitty! My little guy Rocky (short hair black) proceeded to shred all of the toilet paper on the roll this morning while I was taking a shower. He then proceeded to engage me in a lively game of fetch for about 1/2 an hour (I swear my cat fetches better than any dog I have ever owned).

Kitties make life fun!


Moe Jr. may be flighty but he sure is handsome!

Anna, Moe is just gorgeous! I am a cat lover and have 4 of my own precious furry felines (2 dogs as well). They each have their own unique personality. Long-haired cats do tend to be a bit "stranger" then the short haired variety (IMHO). Thanks for sharing your story about Moe. Ida

What a cutie! He looks like a LOT of fun! Cats are weird! I have a kitty that now wants to be in the bathroom with me when I take a shower! I keep telling Dickens that if I see myself on U Tube he is a DEAD kitty! :-)
Have a super day! Manetta

Anna, I am such a dog and cat nut and I love this little insight to your household. I have two cats and one dog and they give me so much joy. Even my little 7 month old siamese kitten that feels totally "intitled" to all things good and wonderful. I love your picture of Moe! He's a beauty.

Moe is so precious!!! I have two that I rescued that are always ready to run down the hall as soon as there is a noise BUT, they love to be rubbed too. The big male will lay on his back on the wood floor, legs completely extended out, begging to have his tummy rubbed. Your cat is wonderful! A little Maine Coon in there maybe? TFS Janet in NC

Moe Jr is positively adorable! we have a very similar cat named Midnight at our house, he spends more time running from us,he's a blur. he knows we love him though.. funny how cats own us...

He is just adorable! Your story was just too funny!

Gorgeous photo of Moe Jr. Anna! I agree with you Diane M. cats or any animal for that matter are such a part of the family! Missing our kitty Cotton (passed this fall at 18). Soon we will be adding a Manx kitten to our family in March!

Your photo has totally captured his personality! I love it! He is too freaky in an adorable Moe kinda way! TFS =)

Oh my!!! He is the most beautiful cat!! Thank you for sharing this photo. I absolutely love your photos :0)

Cute story!!! I'm so proud of you for posting a KITTY on your blog -- way to go, Moe Jr.!!! :)

Okay, so how did you get Moe to hold still for the picture? I'm trying to train my little furball to be a lap cat, but so far she's not buying it.....!

Sorry, Gina, to hear about your Ted. Cats are such a big part of the family, aren't they?


What a cutie! My mom had a cat like him once who was aptly named Tiger ('cause he was so big and brave...not!). He was a stray that she felt bad for out in the middle of winter. It took forever for her to coax him inside (those laser lights do the trick every time!) He turned out to be THE most loving cat I've ever known. I think Moe Jr. will come around very soon...once he gets a taste of a real tummy rub! ;-)

What a darling kitty! He looks part Maine Coon. Frustsrating as it is...there's nothing you can do to change a cat's mind - short of bribery w/ tuna! ha ha

That's a beautiful photo! What a cutie. And, I doubt you're scary in the morning! You're too cute!
Gina K.

Cats will be cats. They certainly have a mind of their own. We lost our cat Ted last year at the ripe ole age of 21. He is in kitty heaven now...:)

He is a handsome boy!! Great pic!

Cats are so funny. You have to do what they want, when they want. Moe Jr is a cutie.

Beautiful photograph!

Moe Jr is an adorable little fiend!

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