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A kiss to Huey from me - what a sweetie!
I just love birds, and have (for the moment) 9 cockatiels myself. LOL (the 25 budgies are another story... )

Love the bird and the name!! :) Congratulations :)

He's very handsome and I hope Twinkle Toes thinks so too! Love his name!

A new baby donkey... how exciting:) In my teen years, I had a miniature jack & a standard jenny and well we didn't think he was tall enough, so you can imagine our surprise when we came home from holidays & found a new baby! He jumped around & had so much energy, we called him, Peppy! Hope all goes well!

Awwww, what a cute little birdy! I missed out on the name game (Huey Hot Foot is great!), so I'll just tell you what my auntie calls her two parrots: Love and Darling! All day they say "Hello Darling" or "Hello Love," among lots of other words and phrases. These parrots are over 40 now!

I added Aud's blog to my favorites. She's got some really cool cards, so unusual and not the sort of cards one finds every day over here. TYFS

Can't wait to see baby pictures of your new little donkey!

your photography is amazing! I love it!!!
I just got a new camera yesterday and am trying to learn more about manual! love this!!!

Anna, I have a question.....How does Moe get along with Twinkle Toes and Hot Foot Huey? I can only imagine. My two cats would try to use them as toys in seconds. My poodle can barely escape being a toy. Keep posting your farm and animal news, Anna. I love them.

Congratulations on Huey(i will forever think of Huey Lewis and the News and hummmm those songs everytime i read your blog{sigh}
And TWO MONTHS overdue?!?!? honey, i was a week,grabbed my doctor by the jacket collar, threatened to remove my child myself if he didn't FIX this, LOL! Two Months, yeah right!!!
good luck with her mood swings!
thanks for the chuckles, love this blog!

Hi Huey!! You be a good boy for Anna so she can get all her work done ok? And jus remember to let 'both' those girls have their way, and everything will be jus fine,
k baby! hee hee

Congrats to Huey Hot Foot - a great name for a handsome guy!
I hope you'll have the baby donkey with you soon, poor Jackie if she'll have to wait for over a month!
Is it OK that I tell here that I'm offering some blog candy on my blog this weekend? (You can delete my posting if it's not OK.) ;-)

Wow, what a great picture of Huey...he is gorgeous! You must be so happy with your new little guy! And here's hoping a new addition will be arriving soon, for Jackie's sake! LOL Bless her heart, hope all goes well with the delivery. What fun you are having on your TX farm! Never a dull moment, huh??!! :)

2 months!! Poor girl :0( I hope something happens for her over this weekend for sure!!

Congrats on the new addition though...Huey is very handsome ;0)

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