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These are really cute! You're soooooo talented...

Love the bags! The chickens are too cute. I am a big "lemon" fan. Have any of those? Janet in NC

Oh man, I need to get my sewing machine out! Once when we didn't have any money, I sewed denim bags with appliques, and it gave us enough to buy some groceries! I had them in a restaurant/store, and they sold well...wow, that was so long ago!!! Kudos to you for doing so many creative things...you are amazing! :)

Anna, you are "almost" making me want to get my sewing machine out.....but not quite. I used to love to sew but haven't in quite a while. I loved making total nursery sets for friends having babies when I was lots, lots younger. I love your bags and especially love the chicken one. How darling is that!!!!!

These are adorable! I am not into the quilt looking bags that are all the rage right now but I would definitely carry one of these! I love the pink and brown floral one! Good luck with them on Ebay! By the way, the snap stamps that I ordered from you on Thurs. afternoon were in my mailbox yesterday! Wow, was I excited!

the chicken one is my favorite too... this one will probably for a lot of money on ebay.
how long do you need to finish such a bag??? i wish i could sew.

These are so adorable- especially the chickens.

I love the chicken one! Really looks like SU's Best of Cluck! You have been a busy gal!

I LOVE these handbags and colour combinations.

I admire how creative you are and how you can have "many irons in the fire" all at once!

Lovin' that chicken fabric! CUTE!

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