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My husband and I are taking the kids out for dinner. The kids are 11 & 13.
I hope the other lovebird diners don't mind but hey it's all about love and WE ALL LOVE EACH OTHER!

I just got a huge box from Whipper SNapper today and I did not see this stamp-I would have bought it! I got some stamps to make Spay and Neuter cards for the HS tho. Valentines day is no biggie to me-hubby is usually out of the country on business for all those so called special days. Last time he was here for our anniversary, I was so sick (eventually to be hospitalized) that I said forget anything special. At least he comes home at night. I will probaly watch a basketball game. My team has a prince!

We, my hubby and I will probably go out together, and maybe take the kids, I wasn't planning on it, but they are teenagers and before long they will have their own valentines and not want to spend it with us, so a dinner and maybe a movie with the family.

very cute stamp!! Usually we have a nice dinner with the kids... this year though I will be having back surgery!! But if I am pain free in the long run... that will be the best Valentine present ever!!

Being single Valentine's is just another day. I'll make a nice card & buy goodies for my son but that's about it for celebrating.

love the stamp.

Very cute stamp! I'm supplying my daughter with tags and decorated bags to give goodies to her Secret Valentine at school from now until Wed. We also plan to make cookies this weekend and bag them up for her classmates.

What an adorable stamp! Perfect blog candy for the holiday! Valentine's Day is also our son's birthday, so the day is more about him than us. I figure I have DH's gift taken care of for life :) We'll do a family dinner, but that's about it. Love your blog!

I made my kids the altered mailboxes from the $ spot at Target. I have been leaving little somethings in their each day. I have made several Valentine's Day cards and need to get them in the mail. Maybe I'll bake up some sugar cookies on Wednesday. Have a great day. Love your designs!

Decorated tin mail boxes for my two little girls and good old cash for the 2 older boys.~ttheywouldn not notice if I put it ina sandwhich baggienever mind a beautiful card ~ A mushy love you till death do we part (yours, not mine) card for my husband :}
tee hee

Valentine's Day has always been special for me -- it's my BIRTHDAY! Shower me with gifts! I am in a dither this year about whether to work that day or not. Leaning towards the NOT! Dinner at Beppe and Gianni's -- YUM! I hope you and Alan have a special day! Your friend, Manetta

I plan on making a valentine goodie for my class of 12 students and I really need to get started on my 1st communion invites for my daughter's party in May.

Any suggestions?

Gina Wrona

I currently don;t do anything, but I am getting a lot of great ideas from here.

I have two daughters so every Valentine's day I buy something pink or red and very girly for them as they are such girly girls. When they were small it was usually a cute stuffed animal or candy. Now that they are quite big the gifts are usually earrings, bracelets, rings, things of that sort and always accompanied by a home-made love note from me because of course they are the loves of my life.

anna! what a cutie-liscious stamp that is!! i can't wait to get a new whipper snapper catalog with all your cool designs in it! valentines projects include, of course little mini cards for my kids, treat bags for my kindergartner's class and a little tag book o'love coupons for my hubby!! wink!!

Such an adorable stamp...Valentine's Day will be special as always. A great candle light dinner (at home, as my husband loves to cook!) and some special presents to exchange. Sometimes you come to a time in your life where you realize that everyday does count and you never know what tomorrow will bring, as we are not guaranteed a tomorrow...Live each day to the fullest!


Such an awesome stamp! It would be so wonderful to actually win the stamp from the actual artist! If I wind I'd have to set it out so I could admire it!

Hubby and I are going to do Valentine's Day on Saturday as he will be out of town on the actual day. We'll go out to eat a nice dinner then come home and exchange cards and (hopefully) small gifts.

I still need to make his and the dogs cards. Yes, I always make a card to & from the dogs.


Such an awesome stamp! It would be so wonderful to actually win the stamp from the actual artist! If I wind I'd have to set it out so I could admire it!

Hubby and I are going to do Valentine's Day on Saturday as he will be out of town on the actual day. We'll go out to eat a nice dinner then come home and exchange cards and (hopefully) small gifts.

I still need to make his and the dogs cards. Yes, I always make a card to & from the dogs.


I made special cards for my hubby and two boys. My little guy turns ONE on V-Day! So we are celebrating that. This will start a whole new year of traditions for us. I'm hoping to do some baking too

Wow - a hundred comments before me??!! I just saw this first thing this morning!! They all must have been up a LOT earlier than me! I love, love, LOVE this stamp - very sweet!! And I have not made all my Valentines yet...I DID my husband's, though - a very elegant one with silver embossing! But I need to make all my grandchildren's to have something to put their crisp dollar bill into!! Have a great weekend!! xoxoxo from Idaho

Ooooh, I'm the 100th post! I love blog candy! I'm going to make a valentine for my big Beav and will upload it on SCS. Cutest stamp of two beavers next to a tree with a heart and their initials carved in it from High Hopes. I'd better get with it and quit "wasting" my time reading blogs!

I think I've finished my Valentine projects, but I have room for more if I win that beautiful stamp! I decorated 5 mailboxes (the Target $1 Spot kind) for my grandchildren...made cute little 3x3 cards to go inside (the mailboxes are small) and put their favorite candies in cello bags tied with ribbon inside the mailboxes, also!
Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm not doing too many projects myself, but will be supervising my DD's 7,5 in making their Valentines! They have their eyes on my cuttlebug ;) mnhyrkas

What a cute stamp. I've got to get with you and order some stuff.


I wasn't big on Valentine's Day when it was just me & hubby, but we've been trying to make it a special day with our son. He's 2 and helped me make cut-out cookies as gifts for the family. What a mess!! There was flour everywhere...and Gavin couldn't have been happier! We'll probably stay in that night, but I'll make heart-shaped mini pizzas so he can help again. For our family, it's more about being together & enjoying the evening...not so much about material things.

Anna, ever since my oldest was very little I have done the holidays up big. For Valentine's day we always have heart shaped food-brownies, pizza, sandwiches, cookies, etc. I try to do something different every year, but now we are running out of new ideas and the boys have their favorites, so we re-run them. Ü

Hmmm....I don't think my comments took yesterday.

I've already made little tin mailboxes for each of my two boys along with their Valentines. I still need to make hubbies Valentine though (along with Valentines for my co-workers).

This Valentine's will probably be very low key. I'll try making a nice dinner at home along with a yummy dessert (heart shaped cake).

Your stamp is just adorable!

Linda N (aka LSN)

hi anna, love the stamp. my hb is in the netherlands right now on business, so no valentines with my honey this year. he wont be back till the 23. my kids and i will make pizza and valentine cookies that day. im running late also on valentines, what is it about getting things out on time that is so hard. maybe i like living on the edge.haha

i dont know if my previous message got posted?!

since we do not celebrate valentinesday in germany so much i did not need to make a lot of cards (unfortunately not)

i did make projects for lucas teachers, friends and family in canada.

my husbands 36. birtday is on valentines day, so this day is extra special for us. we will go to see a movie and get some quiet dinner without the kids... hopefully i can organize a baby sitter.

Very nice stamp!!

I'm making small gifts for my office mates ... I'm putting dark chocolates and oatmeal in a small handmade box, and printing "Love your Heart" becaause I've read that oatmeal lowers choelsterol and dark chocolate is good for you ...

hello anna,
i LOVE this stamp. how cute! since in germany is Valentines not celebrated as much as it is here, i did not need a lot of cards (unfortunately i would have loved to make more) so i just made the teachers, kids and canadien family stuff.

my husbands 36. birthday is on valentines day so for me this day is always very special. i am trying still go organize a baby sitter and than we will go for dinner and a movie. nothing exciting but for us out of the ordinary since we do not do this often.

Whoo-Hoo Adorable Stamp! Checked out your store for the first time as well. Thank-goodness someone sent me your blog! How cool are you?
Keep the great designed stamps coming and we shall follow... :}
Happy St. Valentiens Day. KimK

Your stamp is so cute! For V-Day, I'll probably make my hubby a card, and he should know by now that all I want is a box of chocolate.

Really cute stamp.
As far as projects, I have to make valentines for DD preschool class, and a few of her dance class friends, then whip up a valentine for Dh and the kids. We have to get the car inspected that night, real romantic, ha, ha.

I have all my Valentine stamps and paper ready to go and I have not started yet! I went to our local candy shop and bought all kinds of cute little candies to send to my son, daughter in law and my daughter and they have not been sent out yet...wahhhhhhhh. "sigh" I am always running late on getting things out in the mail. Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays.

Great stamp Anna - Todd and I are going out on Saturday - Wed. is too hectic with afterschool activites (tennis, piano) - and after years of celebrating - we will likely put the kids to bed after eating heart shaped pizza with them, snuggle under blankets - and get LOST! I will mail cards to my two beautiful neiecs and my nephew! That's it!!

WOW - a lot of folks surely read this blog and you have a tremendous amount of fans. I know I've told you that this is my favorite blog.

I have made three cards and that is about all I need. I used a little stamp I've had for quite awhile that has a cat in pajamas preparing to go to bed. He is hold pillow and his pajamas have little hearts on them. The sentiment says "You're the cat's pajamas".

Please draw my name.

Thanks, Jackie

I make special valentines for my kids (adults now) and hubby. I'll probably make a special dinner for husband and just relax - not too much because it falls in the middle of the week!

My DH and I are going out tonight for an early Valentine's Day dinner. (With 3 young kids, we have to work around the babysitter's schedule!) As far as projects go, I'm planning an SU! workshop where we will make last minute Valentine's Day cards and nugget boxes. Can't wait! :)

My sweet hubby, although very sick, has done some odd jobs for a friend -- and he's using the money earned to take me out to dinner at a VERY nice restaurant in town. It was so sweet of him! I've got an album project in the works for him.

This will be my third try to post so I hope that it works this time.

We usually go out for dinner or make a wonderful candlelight dinner at home. This year will be a candlelight dinner because V-day is during the work week.
I am planning on making valentines cards for friends and family.
I love the LOVE stamp, way too cute.
Have a great day.

WOW! Look at all the responses...

I am going to make DH a nice steak dinner for V-Day. Have a sitter lined up, and I think it will be fun to have 'date night' at home.

I'm glad you gave us another day to respond. I missed the last one.
Our daughter always comes to Florida to visit us for Valentines Day & her husband always sends her a Vermont Teddy Bear. We have stamping projects to do. We are going to the Stampfest in Clearwater also.
Gramma Dar :-)


Great stamp!

Well, my valentine project ideas were: cards of course, a few coaster boxes filled with Hershey Kisses and I sewed some fun valentine print novelty pillowcases! Last thing went out in the mail today - so I am finished!!

Thanks for sharing your goodies!

I'm so relieved to know I'm not the only one behind! My 4 kids and I will exchange valentine's with our park day friends (cards that we haven't started making yet!), and then we will have a family Valentine meal. My dh usually gets us heart-shaped gourmet pizzas from our one of our favorite places and I will do a heart-shaped cheesecake, or chocolate cake depending on the "household vote" this year.
Love the stamp!!! It is too cute!!
Happy Valentine's Day to you!
Susan in TX

I've asked my dh if he wants his favorite chocolate pie or creme brulee. He choose creme brulee. YUM

What a cute stamp! Our Valentines Day tradition is going out for a nice dinner. We just enjoy being together and spending time with each other. He is the most special thing to me and I appreciate him so much! Some projects I am working on is altered frames. I can't believe it took me so long to try one, now I am hooked and want to make one for every occasion ;o)
Thanks for your blog!

My husband sings in our church choir and they practice on Wednesday evening, so this year we will not be able to go out on Valentine's Day - maybe we will celebrate a day early!

Your stamp is beautiful! Thanks for all the inspiration.


I love this stamp. For Valentines day my dh is taking our daughter to a dance at school her first one how exciting then we'll be going to dinner. in the meantime im making the plastic shovels that say I dig you for my kids classes and making nugget boxes for the teacher not to mention making cupcakes. I think I tend to over commit my self to their classes. Oh well its worth it:)

how fun and cute is that stamp? Seriously, when IS Valentines day? I'll probably decorate sugar cookies with the kiddos.


I'm helping my daughter make valentines for her friends. I'm also working on making valentines thank you's for some people who have donated to my relay for life team. Love Valentines day so any excuse to create works for me :-)
Thanks -

It is just another day for us. I always give my husband a card but he feels it's just another day that the card companies and florists got together to make more money!! Love the blog candy!

This year I am making a little album for my DH that is "the greatest love story ever told" and it is about how we met (EHarmony), our wedding...etc. We've just been married two years and I haven't done anything for him before so I'm very excited about this...I even printed out the correspondence that he and I had on eharmony before we met in person...very funny!!! :) And for my niece, I made a target mailbox with little $1 stamps from Mike's and her own personal stamping spots and a valentine from all of us in our family - Aunt, Uncle and 2 (dog) cousins! :) (She's 4 y.o.)

We will be flying with the kids to Vancouver on Valentine's Day to visit my Dad & his wife...the kids don't know yet...we will be staying for 3-5 days & on Valentine's evening we will be meeting up with my best friend & her fiance for dinner & a movie...haven't done that in years...maybe we have never done it!

I'll be on a vacation, visiting my parents in Florida (I'm from Minnesota)!!! I go there every year over Valentines Day and when I'm down there, I go to the stamping convention in Clearwater. It is a fun time, but also sad. I leave my husband at home to watch over our 2 little Yorkies. He has sent me a Vermont Teddy Bear for the last 3 years. What a great guy!
Wendy Luse

how cute is that stamp, Anna! love it!!! Plans for V-Day, I have no idea~as we're trying to get packed & moved! OH well...I am working on cards for some of the guys at my office to give their wives (one guy is even giving one to his mom & sister too - how sweet is that?)

I got my son's picture taken and we are framing that for him. (The baby is 6 months old.) That evening my husband and I will have fondue for dinner after 7:30 when the baby goes to bed. He will be the recipient of some fine handstamped Valentine's day gifts from my stamp camp on Tuesday night.

Well, since our anniversary is the 12th of February, we combine the two. I believe we will go out to dinner and a movie or something. Not on Valentine's Day, but probably on our anniversary. I still need to make him a card, I always put things off till the last minute. I would love to win the candy. Thanks!!! Love your blog.
Lori Faeber

Well, my hubby and I aren't really doing anything for Valentine's day *insert sad face*. I will be spending the afternoon on Valentine's Day at the Dentist having some reconstructive work done a tooth...YUCK! I am, however, making my hubby a card and have already given him his gift early (a Chicago Bears Urlacher Jersey that he wore to watch the Super Bowl). Great blog candy, thanks!!!

I've made several cards however they are not in the mail yet. I've also tried making some nugget boxes. In addition to the papercrafting, I've made some yummy belgium cookies that are decorated in red and white!!!

Oh Anna! Love this design! Hmmm, V-day...just as long as it involves chocolate. ;)

Great Stamp. As for Valentine's plans, we probably will just go out for a nice dinner. Sometimes we invite family along since it is my belief that Valentine's Day just isn't for sweethearts but a way to show love for family & friends. I did make hubby a Valentine card & sent you an e-mail about it as I used a Whipper Snapper stamp, my first ever. It's also posted on my gallery: http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/gallery/showgallery.php?cat=500&ppuser=232 if you haven't taken a look yet. Ida

Normally we don't do anything too special. This year I have to take the van in to get an estimate on damages from an accident last week! Not too romantic. I would like to get hubby a little something though. Just made some lollipop covers for my daughter to take to school...thats about it for now.

Love the candy!! I am lovin' Whipper Snapper. Might have to do up an order in the near future. Love your blog...thanks for sharing with all of us fans ;0)

My husband and I have been together 11 years (!) on Valentine´s day. Not sure what we will do this year to celebrate, though. Trying to think of something nice to do. Have a gift certificate to a SPA hotel, but he wants to wait until the summer. I have made him a card already. Tried to make it sweet but still a bit masculine. I have also made a card for the Scrapbook store keeper and owner in my little village. As a paper crafter I am blessed to have a store like that in my little village (population: 3,000).

I am in the same "boat" as you....there is so much to do before Valentines. I will be spending the weekend with my grandaughters, who are 9 and 10, making valentines cards for their classes. We started this about three years ago...they have become quite the stampers, in some cases better than I.
Valentines day is also my daughter and her husbands anniversary, so I am usually baby sitting while they go out to dinner. So the grandaughters and I fix a nice dinner, they decorate the table with flowers and they fix the dessert, we might pick a movie to watch, but they usually want to spend the time in my stamping room and see what goodies they can find and can take home with them. I really look forward to this every year, they are wonderful girls. I have made the mini mailboxes for each of the girls, filled with candy hearts, a small card, heart shaped post it notes, pen with a heart on it, heart key chain. Wow, i really rambled on...thats it for now. Dale Burdick

the very first year my husband & I started dating, he didn't have a job (just came home from a 2 year mission to Ireland for our church) - he was working on it & also working on getting into school... so we made a simple steak & potatoes dinner at my apartment (which had no dinner table of course) ... it was enjoyed on the living room floor with some candles. sweet & romantic & not pocket busting. The past couple of years, we've gone out to dinner at nice restaraunts but this year we decided to go back to where we started. An elegant dinner at home, cooking together & enjoying it by candlelight. :) Oh and I am very very busy making a bunch of cards requested by co-workers.. it's been fun :)

After reading all the great traditions, I feel like a complete humbug! Valentines Day is my least favorite holiday. HOWEVER, once my daughter got to the age of understanding and appreciating holiday's we've tried to put a little more pizzazz into the day. I will be on a work trip this year, so I will have to go through and see if I can steal some ideas from all the great suggestions and see if there's something that my hubby can carry out while I am gone.

Planning on ordering Thai food and probably watching a movie with the hubby after the girls go to bed. Nothing too original. I'll be making Valentine cupcakes with my 3 1/2 yr old twin girls and I picked up these cute little monogrammed photo albums from Michael's for $1 and am giong to fill them with pictures and stuff to make mini scrapbooks for each of them!
Ruth A. :o)

For my nieces this valentine's, i made each of them a hand stamped calendar for February in all it's girlie glory!

my husband and i are keeping up with our tradition of going to a great steak house every year for valentine's day-- this year: morton's (my absolute favorite!)

I've already made several valentines and Frap bottles for friends at work. My honey and I have a trip planned to Fredericksburg, TX on the 21st and staying in a B and B there...if you haven't been to Fredericksburg yet, it's an absolute must! Lots to eat, do and shop! They have over 300 B and B's and "sunday houses" there. It was an old german settlement.......check it out! We're staying at the Carriage House. :)

We never get too into the holiday with each other - I'd rather celebrate our anniversary. We ALWAYS get the dove heart truffles - he eats the dark chocolate and I get the milk chocolate - perfect cause there are more milk chocolate in the box! We share some bubbly and that's about it! Made up treat bags for the boys classes and I've made those Target mailboxes for their teachers. Now for that frame I am making Matthew....

Because my DH recently got laid off from his job, we're keeping it 'low key' this year.
What I'm planning is decorating a frap bottle or some container and filling it with Dove chocolates (his fav) and writing on it, "I Dove You!" (because I'm corny like that).
I'll make my traditional 'heart shaped' meatloaf decorated with pink mashed potatoes (the kids get a kick out of this one). Oh, and of course everyone will get a card made by me.
I'm totally loving this stamp. It's purty....
Rubber Hugs,

Because my DH recently got laid off from his job, we're keeping it 'low key' this year.
What I'm planning is decorating a frap bottle or some container and filling it with Dove chocolates (his fav) and writing on it, "I Dove You!" (because I'm corny like that).
I'll make my traditional 'heart shaped' meatloaf decorated with pink mashed potatoes (the kids get a kick out of this one). Oh, and of course everyone will get a card made by me.
I'm totally loving this stamp. It's purty....
Rubber Hugs,

It's that time again??!! Oh the pressure! I doubt we will do anything special as the 17th our little one turns a year old. So I'll be getting ready for that big party. Also his birthday is the 20th. Plus i'm head room mother for dd#2 so have to plan their Valentine party. Besides make teachers gifts etc! I might be able to squeeze in a small card for dh (I do have his birthday card all done... does that count??) We usually get the kids a box each of the conversation hearts.

ps. Love the stamp.

Our plans are generally low key - it can be such a pricey holiday!! In the past I've taken our children down to his work and we all go out to lunch for Valentine's day. Much cheaper than dinner! I am a HUGE fan of your work - love everything you do! This new stamp is beautiful!

Well since we had our daughter, I've enjoyed making little gift bags for her teachers at daycare. I also make little gift cards with tags for my co-workers. My hubby and I don't really celebrate, but we do enjoy a bottle of red wine and some chocolates on VDay after the baby goes to sleep. :0)

Not a big Valentines celebrater, but we exchange cards and have something fun with the kids for dinner or feed the kids get them off to bed and have a BBQ steak dinner... I think that is what I will plan sounds like fun :) Oh and we always bake a heart cake with pink icing!!

Well, I love to do crafts with my kids, so each of my 3 will have a special project for their friends andclassmates. There are so many great things to do at Valentine's Day, and I make cupcakes and sugar cookies that look a lot like the shaving cream technique--you mike in red food paste into a portion of the dough and then combine and roll out--looks impressive, but is really easy. I always make a special card for my husband, and our family does a Valentine's Day candlelight dinner, complete with chocolate fondue--yummy! Hope you have a great day!

Hubby and I don't really have a tradition. We usually exchange cards (this will be the first year that I make my own). While we have tried going out to dinner - it's not all that romantic with the kids around. So this year, I will feed the kids early (something they like - maybe order pizza) and, we will have our own dinner/celebration afterwards. I joined WW yesterday so my weigh in day is Wednesday - which means, I'll be able to splurge on left-over points on Wednesday night (valentine's day). Yay! This will probably involve a romantic movie and some chocolate - in bed.

I LOVE, love, love the stamp. Most years I am lucky to get a card and maybe some flowers. This year my darling husband purchased tickets for a Valentine dinner cruz around Puget Sound. He gave me the gift early as this cruise is a tribute to Neil Diamond (one of my all time fav performers)he also got a CD of his greatest hits as the tickets says to bone up on his favorite tunes for a sing along. I guess he is trying to make up for all the past years. I love him for it.

Adorable stamp, Anna! It was so fun to go to the Whipper Snapper booth at CHA and see so many of your images!!

My hubby and I plan to go to San Diego the weekend after Vday. We're heading to SeaWorld (my favorite place!). On actual Vday I think we'll go out for dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Mmmm...mmmm... I can hardly wait! :)

I LOVE this stamp!!!

I'm making a fondue dinner at home for my hubby. One cheese, one chocolate and lots of dippers to go with each. We love going out to fondue restaurants, but it's so much more fun to do them at home! Oh, and champagne too of course!!!

I bought him 4 seasons of King of Queens on DVD -- his favorite show. I also bought him some shaped chocolates that have and 'inside joke' to them ;) He'll love it.

I'm making heart-shaped, orange-flavored sugar cookies (yummy family recipe) for his co-workers. They will be half-dipped in red colored white chocolate and striped with white chocolate -- I can't wait to make them!

Happy Valentine's Day to you, Alan and all your 'kiddos' :)

I always make him a card, this year I actually got it done early *yikes* LOL! My DS just entered pre-school so I am helping out at their party. I bought a heart shaped cake pan and plan on making a heart cake and maybe some cupcakes with the leftover batter. (We're trying to keep the "junk food" to a minimum!) Have a wonderful day! Melissa

For valentine's day I'm making my daughters and their friends each an apron and having a cookie party for them. I'll make dh a nice card and we'll probably go out for dinner... but probably not right on valentine's day.

Thanks for offering blog candy!

well we have a 3 1/2 year old and no babysitter so we won't be going out to dinner; i'll probably make some nice family-friendly dinner for all of us. in the morning, i will set out little goodie bags full of treats for both my husband and my son. my husband gets candy and a pair of heart-boxer shorts. my son gets some little goodies/toys (no candy).

i've already got my little valentine's goodies ready to go for my co-workers and some mommy friends.

My DH has to work till midnight so no big plans with him. But the kids and I will be making cookies with frosting and sprinkles. Then we are going to decorate the Target mailboxes I got for them and make Daddy some cards.

My DH and I will celebrate Valentine's Day this Saturday since we will both be working long hours on the 14th. We always go out for a nice dinner and just enjoy each other's company. Usually no gifts, just being together is special. We've been doing this for 31 years now. :-)

Just another day for us. Sometimes he'll buy me candy or flowers, but usually only if he's been naughty ;) Sadly, I make Valentines for my kids but not for him. Probably because my kids "ooh" & "aah" over my cards, & my hubby just says "that's nice" & tosses it on his dresser. I am making candy treats for both their classes, but that's it as far as projects. Hope you & Alan have a very special Valentines Day!!!

Definitely making my sweetie a Valentine's Day card ... and hopefully we will get to spend a little time snuggling together after we get our boys to bed! :)

WOW...you certainly are busy for Valentines Day! It will be just another day for me and my hubby. But that's okay...he spoils me year round! :)

We have two small children and just recently moved away from family, SO for this Love day, we are going to make the cutest individual heart shaped cupcakes and decorate them with pink frosting and sprinkles. After the kids go to bed, we are going to have lobster (my fav...not my husbands so maybe he will have a steak and watch a movie...something sappy if I get to choose!) Low key but something for everyone! :) Love your cards! Lisa Keeffe

We usually don't do anything special for Valentines...This year he is living in Maryland and I am in Illinois- we are in the process of moving so my DS and I are flying there for the weekend, plan on house hunting and just enjoying each others company! I love reading about everyones plans and getting great ideas for future Valentine's Day plans! And I agree with you the holidays are sneeking up on me this year too!
Thanks Anna!
Doris O'Donnell

I love your stamp. I l;ove all your stamps. I've made all my grandchildren (18) and great grandchildren(9)
valentines plus a few nieces and nephews too.
We always go out to eat and I get flowers from my DH. I usually get him a CD and make him a card. He loves music but won't buy it for himself.

Hi Anna!

It's been a tradition for the past couple of years for me to make Valentines dinner for all of my sweathearts (My hubby and 3 boys). I make a heart-shaped meatloaf with lots of red ketchup on top, pink mashed potatoes, cupids arrows (green beans)and heart shaped biscuits with little heart shaped pads of butter. For desert it's usually strawberry shortcake (or something red!). We eat dinner by candlelight and the boys (9, 8, and 3) even get to drink red juice out of plastic wineglasses! On each plate I put a little heart shaped box of chocolates and a handmade Valentine that lists all the reasons why I love them! They really LOVE it and think it's very special . . . just like them :0)

well this year wont be anything fancy as the budget wont allow... so I am thinking of a homemade coupon book! I had better get busy! :)

What a super stamp with lots of your trademark doodles...so cute. Just found DH will be in Vancouver for V-day till the rest of the week. Unfortunately with DD awake every hour, I think he and I may simply indulge in some sleep the following weekend. When the in-laws get home from "snowbirding" in the States, than I think we may take a weekend up in Banff or Lake Louise (so pretty!).

Anna your stamp is so cute! Anyone would be lucky to receive it.

For Valentine's Day, I will be making some sort of scrumptious heart shaped cake (I'm thinking that there will have to be pink tinted coconut over the frosting). I would love to be able to go out to a romantic dinner with hubby (to a fondue restaurant) but with two young kiddos, going out is almost an impossible dream at times.

I've decorated a couple of the Target mailboxes for each of my boys (ages 4 and 3 1/2) and have made them each a Valentine (which is in my gallery on splitcoast). Will most likely make my hubbies card over the next few days. I'm also going to be stamping some Valentine's for my co-workers. I was thinking about decorating a Valentines themed gingerbread house as a fun activitiy with my boys this weekend (get them all hyped up on sugar).

Linda (aka LSN on Splitcoast)

Hubby and I are taking the kids to the NY Philharmonic on the 13th...try to enlighten them to new things despite the rolling eyes(14yr old,13 yr old,7 yr old). I usually get the kids something small that they've been wanting(Ipod cover thingys, webkins) and put them in a recycled container that I decorate in a Valentine theme. My hub. usually gets me a framed picture of flowers b/c the real ones die so fast and we have a big old house-need more wall stuff. I usually get him something small but the MAIN thing I do is(now don't laugh)to try to not be tired-not LOOK tired and be sexy(not easy!! :) and lead him to the bedroom when the kids are snoozin'. Now, you know what I MEAN- by the end of the day your fallin' on your face and the LAST THING....so it makes him happy and the brownie points allow me to not get in "trouble" with the next "get-in trouble thing". It means the difference between: "I swear!!!! The cricut cartridge was SOOOO on sale!!!!! I won't even think about buying another one FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE HONEY-REALLY!!!!" AND "REALLY??? You don't mind, honey? It really was on sale....gee thanks sweetie!!!!XOXOXO" Get what I mean? Happy Valentines Day Girlie!!!

Darling stamp you designed, Anna -- way to go! I *intend* on making DH a coaster frame of his two little sweethearts to put on his desk . . . wish me luck on accomplishing that this weekend! ;)

I have to admit as well that we prob won't be doing anything special for Valentines - we have been married for 14 years and together for 19!!! blimey you wouldn't even get that long for murder!!! (meant in a good way, he he). I have made my hubby a valentines card, using the Unfrogettable set, i used one of the sketch challenges on Splitcoaststampers

Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy, crossing fingers and toes again!!! he he

How awful is it that I don't have any wonderful things planned for Valentine's and *gasp* I purchased a Hallamrk card for my husband! However, I have been inspired by all of the beautiful Valentine Day cards I've seen online so...maybe, just perhaps I'll make a card for my sweetie!

Thanks for the drawing!!


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