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Yup, I see doggy has passed too. But in the best possible way and I know I would love this card if someone sent it to me (wink, wink)

To be honest with you, when I first looked at it, I thought it was a pet sympathy card until I read your comments. Very nice.

Cute card... but the first thing I thought of when I saw it was a song that was popular when I was a kid. The title was (translated from Swedish) "Dog Angel" and the chorus started like this (again, translated): "May I take my dog with me to heaven? He is kind and he has been a true friend.."

I love it. As any type of card. Especially a pet sympathy one though. :)

When I first saw the card I thought...King of the Castle/On Top of The World! I laughed out loud when you said soemthing about the doggie going to heaven! It never crossed my mind, but I can see how you would see that.
I think its fab!

Sorry--it should have read "You have wayyyy too much creativity for one person--lets share, ok?"

I never thought of it as a sympathy card but think it would be great and you could always use it with Willow (kitty) up on the cloud too. I think it's a great pet sympathy card even if it wasn't meant for that. Are have just wayyyy too much creativity for one person--let's share, ok?

i LOVE this card. it made me so smile

i dont know i did not think about a pet sympathy card. it looks to me more something that comes out of a dream or like a picture out of a childrens book.
probably iam looking at too many children books at the moment.... when did i actually read a book for me???

were do you find the stamps with the different sayings? i like the price SU has on their stamps but the sayings are kind of boring. it seams it is always sort of the same.

Love all the wonderful details you've put into this great lil' "Kirby" card Anna. I too think there is diversity in it's meaning. Spring... bring it on! *wink*

I does seem to be from the Anna Wight sympathy line. . .but still the cutest sympathy card for losing a pet that I have ever seen ;) I love the trees, they scream SPRING. . . thank goodness it's almost here.

Too cute! I love your pajama ribbon :)

For a minute I had an oh c#@* moment , and thought something happened to your dogs. I agree, cute card , but it looks like a pet sympathy card. I too am waiting for spring and flower filled days.

LOL....I thought that a dog died when I saw the card. It's a cute card but I got the wrong message. But I understand where you were going with it.

Cute, cute, cute!!!! I know I keep saying this, but I LOVE the scenes you create on your cards. I bow down to you! :)

Sorry, I thought it was a sympathy card too! Even started to wonder and worry about the poor soul who had just lost their pet and family member. :-( Love the stamp but I would use it differently. Sorry! :-) Great colors on the card. Love those plump trees. I shall have to check out Rosie's road show! Love those stamps. Manetta

So cute!

I love how *sweet* this card is! It makes me smile. I also thought it was a 'sorry for your loss' card for a doggie. No matter how you give it, it will be much appreciated!

I thought it was a sympathy card too! Cute scene though!

Very neat card! And I too think it could have more than one application...I'm with you on the Spring thing, we had snow again in NE, and more is on the way...I am READY for SPRING!!! Can't wait to have flowers on my patio and in the yard...Have a great week!

Before I read the information about posts I always look at them to see what comes to my mind. I certainly thought it was for a person who's dog had died. It's as if your saying "I'm in heaven, happy,watching over you, and I am still with you, but after reading your description it fits perfectly!
Kirby is adorable and I love the card.

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