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She is so cute and I thought she was a month or so old! Poor Jackie. Your photos are beautiful!! TFS

oh my god! she/he is SO cute! congratulations on your newest baby!

When I looked at the sweet little donkey, I thought Jonie.
So cute!!

AWWWW, so cute! Makes me want to go live on a farm too! I can't believe that big strappin' rooster is the little cute Lefty, you posted pics of not so long ago! My they grow up fast! LOL!
Thanks for sharing!

I love baby donkeys! There used to be a baby donkey down the street from me and I always looked forward to seeing it run in circles around his mom! How about the name Bella?

What a sweet baby! I think you should call her Jenny Long Legs.

OMG!! Beautiful...and Anna your photos are stunning!!

After look at your photo's all I can say is WOW! Your photography is awesome! I love all your farm critters - what a great family! As I read in a post above, I agree that Cocoa would be a great name for Jackie's babe....

Daisy Mae or Janie?

OMG!!! That baby is absolutely darling!!! How about Barley? Love your pictures.

OMG!!! That baby is absolutely darling!!! How about Barley? Love your pictures.

Went to the farm album, and the pictures are gorgeous, as always. I am so envious of all your critters! We have 20 acres, but not enough critters :( For the baby, I was thinking "Chocolat" would be cute...did you ever see that movie? It was a good one...anyway, it just came to mind :)

How about Assshley! Too cute:0)

Wow! The pictures of Curly the cat and the rooster crowing are awesome! I always enjoy your photos. Thanks for sharing.

Gosh, she is a big baby... I wanna know how Jackie got such a normal name compared to all the other animals?? =) I was thinking Pixie would be a cute name, but when I read Cocoa, I liked that, too! Good luck choosing...

What fun! My three year old and I have been sitting here admiring all your animals. He's taken control of the mouse and is scrolling up and down looking at Billy over and over again.
What about Mona Lisa for the baby? She's got some long legs doesn't she?

What a wonderful picture of Jackie and her young'un! Nellie comes to mind for a name.

What gorgeous critters! I love, love, love 'em. I can smell the barn-y smells in my head, even though I'm tuning out the chicken coop smell. LOVE farms, love being out in the middle of nowhere, and LOVE your pictures. Lots of love, lol!

Congratulations to you and Jackie. She is beautiful, and so dark, how about Hershey Kiss? I'm sure you'll find a name for her that fits. Your photographs are just beautiful, love them all, and I got a kick out of the horses grin. Have a wonderful day!

The picture are awesome! You are one heck of a photographer. Thanks for letting us take a peek into your farm life.

Wow, your photography is amazing...you need to do calenders with the animals!! and the cowboys too;)..breath taking..thanks for sharing!

Wow, Congratulations, Jackie!! What a ~~large~~ beautiful baby! All the animals are adorable, I just want to reach up and pet them!! Your photography is second to none, you have such a gift. LOVE the pictures, don't ever stop posting them!!!

Beautiful pictures.. how lucky to be able to live in a farm with such amazing animals. I love getting updates on them. BTW the baby donkey is a beauty!!

OMgosh how totally cute is that little gal! Love all of your all of your pictures.

I love it when you show up pictures of your 'other life.' It's a reminder that there's more to life than sitting inside and stamping/lurking all day (did I just say that?). Looks like a beautiful day and the new baby is gorgeous! Love her chocolate color. Maybe she should be named Hershey! Doesn't sound very girly, though, I must admit.

Great photos! Thank you so much for sharing the joy and education about farm life - I love it.
I thought since she's so cute and you like pie and love to bake, how about "CUTIE PIE" OR 'QT PI"?

Oh, how stinkin' CUTE! My first thought was "Cocoa" when I saw the picture. I love that you share these adorable little and big critters with us and your photography is SUPERB! Have a great day! :)

Awwww!!! How adorable!! Welcome little one!

What a little doll! I can't believe what a beautiful rooster Lefty turned out to be! She looks like a Lily--besides I like that name;)

The first thing that came to mind was "Jackie's Diane" - which sounds like the song, Jack & Diane.

What a cutie! Nice pics!

congratulations! She is beautiful! How lucky you are to live on a farm surrounded by all of those beautiful and amazing animals! I don't know how you find time to stamp, I would be outside with the animal every spare minute!

Keep sharing your animal pictures, I like the as much as the stamped ones!

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