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Congratulations to Mister Farley!

Will you be posting a link to the organization, Anna? I'd like to order cards of Mister Farley to help them raise money.



Such a sweet story..and what a gorgeous fellow! I am so in love with goldens...I have one myself. My Abby will be 4 in April. It seems like yesterday that she was just a tiny ball of energy zooming around here! I think Mr. Farley is one lucky pup to have you as his momma and you are one lucky lady to have Mr. Farley as one of your best friends! Thanks for sharing your story and pics!

PS Don't say cookie too loud...Abby might hear you! It's only her favorite thing ever!

Anna, I love your animal stories. Mister Farley is adorable and so handsome. I love all of your animal pictures....especially the Farley/Daisy "give me some sugar" one.

I can see what Miss Daisy sees in him - those big brown "take me home" eyes are beautiful! How fab that he's going to be famous - and for a great cause, too!

Thanks so much for sharing pics of Mister Farley. I volunteer at our local Humane Society in town and I'm a pet sitter. So I am definitely a big dog lover and pro adopt vs. breeder buying. I think dogs who are adopted appreciate what they have so much more than dogs from breeders.

Give him a hug from me please! & be sure to rub that special (I call it hoochie spot) right above his tail! hehehe

bobbie Ü

Give Farley a BIG love from me and a good, thorough sniffing from Bogey - I can't believe it's been 2 years!!! He's such a handsome and sweet boy.

Awwww...what a lovely story! Mister Farley is VERY lucky to have you!!! :) Snuggles to Mister Farley, Miss Daisy and YOU!!

He's beautiful and lucky to have an owner like you!

Mr. Farley I miss you!!! Give him a kiss for me!! *insert sad eyes*

Mr. Farley is adorable! I'd give him a big ole hug anyday! Lucky you! Hopefully our family's day will come soon when we can have a new doggy to hug! Congrats!

You know how the celeb. magazines have their 50 most handsome list? Well, Mr. Farley is Americas MOST GORGEOUS RETRIEVER!
Give him a Valentine kiss for me.

What a hansome boy Farley is. I have a Golden that I adore named Ozzy. He is 11 years old and going strong. He gets our newspaper everyday with complaint (you can't beat that) and he's my two boys best friend. Goldens are such a wonderful, sweet breed. When we adopted our son from Guatemala, Ozzy made the transition so much easier for him. I could go on and on about Ozzy. Thanks for sharing Mr. Farley with us.

Well Anna, Mr. Farley's story has certainly touched my heart! A wonderful love story. Thanks so much for sharing. (I am sitting here with two rescued labs who have filled my life with joy!)

Big Hugs to Mister Farley!! Hope you get lots of cookies for Vday ;0)

Thank you for sharing your beloved Mr. Farley with everyone. Pets make life worth living!

Happy Birthday Mister Farley!!! Loads of hugs and kisses are sent your way -- and maybe a couple of boxes of cookies (the healthy kind of course!). Anna, please give him a big hug from me! (and Miss Daisy too! can't have her feeling neglected!) I miss the big fella!
Have a fabulous day! We are having typical Oregon weather -- rain! -- today. Miss you all, Manetta

Thanks so much for sharing the story and photos of Mr. Farley. What a lucky, beautiful pup he is. I am partial to goldens myself, having rescued one, and got all sappy reading your story.
Happy anniversary sweet puppy, and Happy Valentines day to the whole barnyard.

Oh my, "what they all said"!!! There's not much I can add, Mr. Farley is gorgeous, and your pictures are incredible. Animals are just the best companions...so glad Mr. Farley is healed and happy and healthy with Daisy and all of you! Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow, to you and Alan and each and every critter!!!

Happy Anniversary to Mr. Farley & Family!!!

:-) He's such a handsome guy! LOL - I know that hedgehog toy you mentioned. My beloved Elsa (husky/lab mix) had one and LOVED it. She would put it in her mouth & just run around the house squeaking it FOR-EVER! Thanks for the memories with your post. Doggies are the best, well so are kitties :-)

I have a golden retriever rescue too! From Alaska - his name is Chinook and I soooo love him. He came into my life 5 years ago now and he is my big red boy - coloring much the same as Farley. We are so lucky to have these awesome dogs!!! Give him a cookie for me. :)

I just love seeing pictures of Mr. Farley...how cute....give him a squeeze for me....what a adorable little face!!!

Thanks for sharing him with us.

Wow! Your Mr. Farley could be the twin of my Butterscotch. The shape of their heads, their expressions, and their color is identical. It's spooky-kind of like someone has been taking pictures of my dog! That sad expression at the top is just like the photo our vet took to keep on record. Be glad you have these photos because my Butterscotch turns 7 this year and her lovely face has turned almost completely white! She still acts like a big happy puppy, but is looking like a geriatric! It's hard to believe anyone could ever part with their golden. These have to be the most loving, loyal, sweet-tempered dogs ever. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

What a beautiful story. I LOVE that you share your animals & their stories with us. Mr. Farley has the sweetest face! Big sloppy wet kisses to him and Daisy ~ Happy Valentines Day to your whole furry, feathered and human family!

OMGosh...how cute...We adopted a Greyhound..Zack...I love him so much. He is just the best.
Thanks for sharing this story...

Farley is absolutely the most handsome little devil, isn't he?? He has such love in his eyes! You and Daisy are lucky girls!! And Farley's luck you rescued him!! What a lovely story!!

All of your fur & feather babies are beautiful! Mr. Farley is an exceptionally handsome guy!! Give him a big kiss for me!

Wonderful story Anna and incredible photos as always. Mister Farley is very lucky and these rescue groups for animals are incredible. One of my clients just rescued a dog. I'm such a sap when it come to animals & children. We'll be adding to our own family in March... off to visit this weekend. *smooches Mr. Farley* I agree with Mom, you are very handsome! *wink*

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