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DOH!! Hi Twinkle Toes!! Member me?? Yeah...thats me the scardy cat!! Bwahaha
I think I am the last person that come up with bird names...but I wanted to say that she is so cute in that pic...is there any photo that you take that doesn't capture the pefect image?

I was going to say, "Thunder Thighs" but since he is a male bird what about Thunder Bolt? Ida

Beautiful Bird! How about Pretty Boy?

How about Moxie? We adopted a 2 year old lab in november and a 12 week old lab this past weekend. Both times I tried to get my husband to let us name them Moxie, he declined. I just love that name and if i cant have it I'd be glad to pass it on to you. Incase you dont know its a slang term from the 30s or 40s meaning "spirited". Have fun naming him!

awwww look at those reddish orange cheeks!!! How about Mr. Cheeky?! :D YEAH!!!! Mr. Cheeky!!! :D

AIEEEEEEEEEE! What a cutie! He is going to have his wings full charming Twink! She sure is full of SASS! I shall be rooting for him! And, it is almost V-day! Perfect timing for new romance. I think I would call him Elvis! He looks to have the same 'strut.' I thought about Billy for Billy Idol's punk yellow hair do but you have another cutie already named Billy. Yup, Elvis has my vote. He could always wow the ladies with those swinging hips! Manetta

I think his name should be "Spike"! LOL! I love that "hair on top of his head, all spikley and stuff! So cute! Congrats on your new family member!

I am voting on Fonzy, he looks like a ladies man the way he presents himself. Maybe "The Fonze" :)

Sweet Tweets and Twinkle Toes? HaHa! Sounds like a cute couple to me. :D

I think I'd name him Truman. Truman and Twinkle Toes. Totally don't have good reasoning for my suggestion other than I like the T sounds together. Maybe a bird with a solid name like Truman can help ground her sparkling personality (but only as needed!!). Congrats on the new family member!

Hi Anna,
Pick any name but Bruce. That is my sweet husbands name.
I think your baby girl needs a real manly bird named "Nitro". You know like Nitroglycerin.
Have a great weekend.

Oh Anna I'm envious! I love cockatiels. I had a beautiful female 14 years ago. She was so smart. And sweet as can be. Her name was Aussie. Your birds are adorable.

Is Twinkle Toes a cinnamon? It is hard to tell in the photo but my heart leapt when I saw her. I used to have one too. :) Beautiful couple!! I was thinking you could name the little guy Fred Astaire; Twinkle Toes makes me think of dancing.

I definitely think he should be called Bruce. Its a strong name and he can woo his lovely lady "Twinkle Toes" with Springsteen songs.



Hi Anna!!

What a handsome fella you have there! I was thinking Slash, he looks like a rock star to me Ü

How about Romeo?

How about Sweet Cheeks - with those pretty orange cheeks! Great looking bird!

Oh he is handsome, so he needs a handsome name like "Sterling"!

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