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hello hello... Happy Belated Valentines day. Hope everyone who had plans managed to get out dspite the weatehr :}

How simply generous of you! Love coming to your blog to get inspired.....and inspire us you do. Your Whipper Snapper designs are absolutely the best!

How simply generous of you! Love coming to your blog to get inspired.....and inspire us you do. Your Whipper Snapper designs are absolutely the best!

WOW - what fun stuff. Love the truffle stamp

Well, here I am...a day late & a dollar short! I just discovered you....only recently discovered Debbie Olson (where I found your link). BUT, I have to say -- what a great site you have! Thanks for sharing Mr. Farley and MOE!! What a hoot! I'll be checking back frequently -- and sharing with my friends. Thanks for blogging!!!

Anna, I continue to check your blog every day. It's so much fun to see what you come up with.

Anna, your blog is awesome! I love it and get inspiration from it daily! Rock on!

Quilted coasters? Neato! BTW- I'm just now checking out your designs for Rosie's Roadshow..... I'm off to make a purchase. Thank you for inspiring me and sharing your amazing art. :-).

Wowww Hoooo this is awesome :) TFS

Wish there were Targets in Canada!!

Wow! I just noticed you have 260 comments for this contest!! Do I even have a chance??

I really enjoy your blog - I love your stamps. Your watercolouring is very well done as well.

Ok, enough sucking up! Enjoy your giveaway!


Anna, instead of lurking, I'll post this time because the Valentine candy is just too cute to pass by......

wow, those coasters are seriously cute...love your blog...TFS

happy valentines day anna,
even thogh iam having enough from chocolate for a while (was making truffles for 5 hours yesterday) iam still hoping to win the stamp :-) its my favorite :-)
thank you anna

am I too late? I absolutely adore those coasters you make. They are too cute!!!

am I too late? I absolutely adore those coasters you make. They are too cute!!!

You sure have a big heart, Anna! What fun blog candy! :D Happy Valentine's Day!

its really wierd-I get some feeds individually and some as a group. and some as both-so it must be in the settings of how bloggers set it up.

Totally adorable truffle stamp, Anna! Happy V-Day!

That is so generous of you, Anna! And that truffle stamp - absolutely adorable!!! Happy Valentine's Day.

Your Target certainly is better stocked then ours - we went last week and all the bins inthe $1 area (or as DH put it, your favorite place to shop) were mostly empty and all marked coming soon - not soon enough for me!

Happy Valentine's Day to you! I can only wish Canada gets a Target. Oh one day!!!!!

Everything looks LOVELY!

Just made the deadline... Happy Valentines Day and I love your Blog.. thanks for all your hard work!


This is wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing. By the way, I love your blog.

Anna, you're candy is so good for my diet. Love your stamp designs. Happy Valentine's Day!

Oh my what lovely treats you have. That truffle card is just too stinkin' cute. I hope you have a fabulous Valentines Day!!

Too Cool! I'm continualy blown away by your designs, coloring, drawing...really the list is endless. Thank you for your continued inspiration. Happy Valentine's Day!

I just leave little love notes for my hubby. Love your blog candy...Happy Valentines day to you too!! Jump over to my blog, I have a small V-day give away plus will be doing a biggy soon.


Happy Valentine's Day!! The opportunity to win this blog candy is too good to pass up! Put my name in the hat too....Thanks!

I love your coasters. How do you get done all you have to do? Gramma Dar

WOW! Look at all those posts!
You're such a popular gal today - wink wink.

One more comment - because blog candy is so much fun!! Thanks for the fun postings and I hope I get the lip gloss!! ;-)
Happy Valentine's Day, Anna!

this would be 238th post.. are you still reading?? lol!
I was actually coming to ask you a photography question! lol! I just love your crisp photos!!!
what kind of camera do you have??? I got a new one and have a ton of questions I can't find the answer for in the manual!

Happy Valentines day to you.....you are so so sweet to be giving us stuff... I love your work and the stamp is delicious.

What fun! Look at the number of comments! Put my name in the hat too....

OH MY WORD! I haven't been online like, forever! I can't believe how many people have responded to this email!! "HOLY SMOKES BATMAN" LOL As expected, your site rocks. *Ü*

What fun! I loved the Target mailboxes, but they didn't last very long in the stores...Thanks for the chance to win something (I'm rarely a winner of random prizes, but would like to see that change!)

Happy Valentine's Day Anna,

You are such an inspiration! I love to visit your blog and just realized that you have a sassy & sweet store, awesome! You go girl!

Happy <3 Vday.. Hope you had a good valentine's day!! i've been a new viewer to your blog and i LOOVE LOOOVE IT!!! <3 I am a college student graduating in MAY and your cards makes me want to find a job stamping all day long!! wouldnt that be the life... well anyways! happy vday and not only celebrating loving someone else, love stamps today too!!! =)

I was so pleased to read the story of Mr. Farley. I adopted a little silky Oct. of 06 and it has been such a joy to have her in our family. Everyone says how lucky she is but WE are the lucky ones. It is so great to adopt animals and give them another chance. Thanks for sharing your story.
P.S. does moaning when you eat choc. mean you have an addiction! I'm there :)

Holy shmokes! Lots of comments already! How fun!


WOW! Thanks for all the blog candy! I love checking your site for all your creations. Keep up the excellent job!!!

Oh those are soooo cute! I love how you keep your blog very updated. Thanks for all the work you do to keep us inspired! :)

I just love reading your blog. You always have such wonderful designs to share.

Wow~what alot of comments already! Happy Valentine's Day to you! Great blog..I read it every day!

Hi Anna! Happy Valentine's Day!! You are sooo sweet to offer such a wonderful treat for Valentine's Day!

What a wonderful Valentine's gift! You are so generous. Hope your Valentine's Day is wonderful also!!

WOW!!! How fun!! Thanks for all the great ideas!! -gretchen

Oh my gosh, look at all the stuff, especially that wonderful stamp. Yum-O!
p.s. loved the post on Mr. Farley. What a lover and those facial expressions, how could you not love him!

Your blog is appropriately named - Sassy and oh so SWEET! I will be delighted to win ANY of your great blog candy morsels!
Sandy Kay

Wow what a pile of blog candy and all so yummy!! Also what a pile of comments, over 200 all ready! I'll be sure to check back tomorrow, crossing my fingers I'll be one of the lucky 15.
Happy Valentine's Day!

wowzers! what fansastic blog candy!!

Great blog...I have to go now so that I can read everything else on here ;)

Wonderful blog candy from a wonderful stamper!! You inspire all of us!

Wonderful blog candy from a wonderful stamper!! You inspire all of us!

Not only is your blog great, Anna, but you are so wonderfully generous!

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family.


Happy Valentine's Day!
Thanks for the ideas and inspiration you give us all. You have a great blog.

Oh wow, all of your blog candy is great but to be the winner of the Chocolate truffle stamp designed by you would truly be a wonderful Valentine treat.

Hope your Valentine's day is wonderful.

Oh my....I was at the local stamp store today and saw some of your designs!!! I told the owner...hey! I know the lady that designed those...(know of you, but you know what I mean) I didnt however see that truffle one and I must must must have it!!! Guess I'm going back to the stamp store to request one be ordered for me....course, I'd love to win it...{wink}

Holy Schmolies! What a fab give-away! Thanks for thinking of us, Anna.........and happy valentines day to you and Alan and all the critters too! :0)

I love your blog!
Thanks for the inspiration!

I love the blog candy. Thanks for inspiring us on a dailey basis. It's habit forming to visit your blog dailey.

Ohhh Anna, what yummy gifts. You're always so generous-TFS!

Happy Valentines Day!

Wow, our Target doesn't have all of those goodies. Lucky you. Love the truffle card too.

Love your blog!! I read it daily!

Beverly in Washington State

wow! over 200 posts in one day! see what happens when your giving away so much awesome blog candy! I love your designs and check out your site every day!

I'm crosing my fingers!

I also check your blog daily Anna.
Thank You for your great art and inspiration. I love your posts about your animal family also.

What delicious goodies! I hope you are having a great Valentine's Day that is full of love and all things pink and red :)


This is amazing! Yes I want to be added to the long list of those who would love to receive you blog candy! Mostly though I just wanted to share with you how glad I was to hear Mr. Farley is doing better :)! It's wonderful to think of how many people's lives will be touched by this beautful dog! You are amazing! Hope have a day filled with nothing but sweetness.

Love your blog Anna! Love seeing your designs and what's new on the farm! Just checked out your photography awesome!
Happy Valentine's Day!

I just love blog candy but not as much as I love your blog!

oooh, what lovely Valentine's Day Blog Candy. You'll be spoiling someone for sure.

Well, I just want to say, I've been a lurker up until now but you're watercoloring technique info has been a huge help for me and I'd like to officially thank you for all your tips!

Bringing lots of beauty to the world!


Thanks for all the great inspiration. I love your work and can't wait to get some of your stamps. As soon as my tax return comes I'm putting in an order :)

Happy Valentine's Day. What fun treats! You are so generous. Cathy Whiteman

Happy Valentine's Day -- Anna!!!! Miss you tons!!!

You are such a wonderful and generous person! My eyes would hurt if I had to actually read all those comments that we all leave because we love to see what you've created every day! Thanks so much for all you do!

WOW - What a stash - those all look so fun!! Thanks for doing this. I check your blog everyday; love the Whipper Snapper designs!

Wowzers what a bunch of blog candy. I love the stamp design of course it's of my fave food. :)

WOW, Ana! You are so sweet. Would love to receive any of the posted items. You blog is the best!


What fun! Thanks for the give-away!

Wow, you have a TON of comments on this post! You have a great selection of items from Tar-jay...I miss it terribly, but I think the best offering is your coasters. They are SO nifty. I can't sew anything at all, so I'm always in awe of your crafts and watercoloring. Take care.

Happy Valentine's Day to you too! What wonderful blog candy. Not only are you extremely talented, but you are a very generous person. Thank you for all of your inspiration.

Holy cow! What great blog candy. Happy Valentine's Day, and I DEFINITELY want to be entered! :)

I'm so sad, I don't have a Target, so no, I haven't seen all this stuff until now.
Anna, you are so generous, I don't know if I could give it away, I'm a terrible hoarder! :)

I love the heart magnets, and the coasters! I read your blog daily and am a lurker! Thanks for the inspiration!

WOW - what a give away! Pick me! You are very generous and I love your blog!! and your stamps!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your talent!! It's much appreciated!!

Happy Valentines Day! I love the chocolate truffles...how adorable! I hope to get a taste of some blog candy :) :)!

Wow, Anna! You are so generous and so very talented!! Hope you have a very Happy Valentine's Day!

Holy Cow! I can't believe how many people have posted a message!! I wish that our Target had those truffle photo holders! They are too cute!

Enjoy your day and have fun choosing a winner!!

oh my gosh how generous are you Anna?! Gorgeous blog candy - and it's all pink which would look fab in my craft room! :)

What a nice treat to receive for Valentine's Day. Thanks for all the great ideas you have on your blog. I love reading it.

Wow! Lots and lots of comments! And what a generous give away you are doing! Happy Valentine's Day! Love your blog. Oh, and if I tell you it's my birthday today does that increase my chances of winning???

I just loooooove those three chocolate truffles - even more than real chocolate. They look so yummie.

Happy Valentine´s day!

I just loooooove those three chocolate truffles - even more than real chocolate. They look so yummie.

Happy Valentine´s day!

You are so nice! I hope my name gets picked on this Valentine celebration! Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter.

I love reading your Blog on a daily basis! And Mr. Farley is a handsome guy!
TFS goodies and your blog!!!!

WOW, Anna, what a generous person you are. I love your blog and visit almost daily. You are so talented and so inspiring. And I love that we are from the same state originally. Thanks for sharing your awesome talent.

How fun it would be to win. Thank you for inspiring! I hope you all are enjoying your new birdie and congrats on your fund raising wonder dog. You take awesome photos!

Such cute stuff! love the ribbon.


Getting anything from you is a reat Anna! Happy Valentine's Day!

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