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Adorable. My SU demo had a stamp camp at my house today and I saw the Spring mini for the first time - I thought this set was cute when I saw it but now I REALLY want to get it. Love the colors you used. BTW, can't live w/o my Karen Foster snap stamps - they are the greatest invention since the crop-o-dile!

You know, this set is really growing on me! This cheerful card is really helping me change my mind! I just love the colors you chose...

BAWAAAAH!!! I just *love* thinking up very NON-Hallmarkish type sentiments ... and the snap stamps are just a perfect way to add them to cards (if you are brave enough!). Thanks for sharing an awesome card ... and for the chuckle. :)

Amazing card! For some reason it made me think of the water tank at a seafood joint, lol -- Which then had me thinking of that crab and a pot with something along the lines of, "Heard you got into a bit of hot water."

I posted about this card at Splitcoaststampers today. Anyone who is even thinking about this set will buy it if they see your card! WOW! This is the best I've ever seen!
Gina K.

I love it!! Too ca-ute

I love this card! It is so cute!!!

absolutely adorable card! what a great stamp and I'm definitely getting me some snap stamps :).

this is totally cute, and the coloring on it is amazing! Love to see more info on what you used where in coloring this!

GREAT CARD!!!! I have been thinking about buying this set and now I am for sure!!!! Thanks for all of your wonderful cards!

Cute card. Your sentiments brought back a joke the kids use to say....Why does the ocean roar? You'd roar too if you had crabs on your bottom. Thanks for the great blog!

lol, I love your other options for the saying. :)

I never heard of the snap stamps.... such an enabler!!!

ok, I am rolling about the less desirable ideas....

Wow, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the colors! So cute...I didn't even want this set before....

Your 'less desirable' comments had me on the floor! You are too funny. Yup, looks like I'm looking into a tank of crabs. Love the card! Great colors!

FANTASTIC!!!! Thanks for sharing all that wonderful information. I also love the humor, LOL.

Holy Crab! That's sooo cute! Orange rocks.

OMG.....this is beyond amazing! Beautiful coloring -- nice and bright.

Thanks for the tip about the snap stamps -- I've been just 'winging it' on the spacing....and that's not always good! :)

OH MY, this is the cutest thing ever! I just LOVE it! What a GREAT card...I'd frame it and put it in my bathroom!!! :)

Absolutely "hilarious" and WONDERFUL! Love those little crabs (wouldn't want the yucky kind though). Ida

LOL omgosh since I'm PMSing I gotta love this! Great card

Very cute card... wish I could colour like you!

Anna -How timely!! I had to take a 1/2 day yesterday to de-louse my house!! All 3 kids came home with a nice case of head lice. Makes me itch just thinking of it! Wish the lice were as cute as these crabs!! I need everything to make this card. Thanks so much for sharing ;0)

"That little itch could be telling you something". Bwahahaha!

LOVE the card! You're really making it hard for me to resist this set. It wasn't on my pre-order because I didn't think that I would need it, but now I wonder....

Linda (LSN on SCS)

Very cute card!! Love the colors! I love my Karen Foster Snap Stamps. I have also found that if you run out of letters, you can slide the rubber out of the stamp and flip it around, so a "u" becomes an "n", "d" becomes a "p" and so on. That little trick comes in handy! I highly recommend getting these stamps! I am thinking about getting the 1" stamps to use in my scrapbook!!

OH! LOVE the crab aquarium!! Especially that guy at the top who is upside down!

Thanks for all the inspirations!

"Got crabs?" As Pro would say, "SPEW!" That's a little close to home, as Russel and I "got crabs" on our honeymoon almost 30 years ago! Your crabs are way cuter!

anna, you are an ENABLER! *ha, love my new word i have learned*
i did not care for that set AT ALL. But now that i see how great it can look - i want it -

the question is... am i going to be able to pull it off??? shooot

i laughed out loud at all the funny sayings! great way to start my day! thanks!!
great card! can't wait to get that stamp set!

i laughed out loud at all the funny sayings! great way to start my day! thanks!!
great card! can't wait to get that stamp set!

what size snap stamps did you use? I see there are different sizes?

Very cute! I love all your sayings and I'm sure you could really get carried away creating. I love the Karen Foster snap stamps I purchased from your store. They are really wonderful.

This is so cute, I can hardly stand it! Great coloring work! :)

This is super cute. I love the bright colors. What a great card.

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