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Will you ever cease to amaze me? Love your bag, and love, love, love that fabric. Wish we could get a closer look at those chickens!

Will you ever cease to amaze me? Love your bag, and love, love, love that fabric. Wish we could get a closer look at those chickens!

I love this!! We have a cottage in MI where we are surrounded by cherry orchards. I love anything with cherries on it. So cute! Love the fabric - may have to go find some. Then I would need to learn to sew!!

Okay, what pattern is this cute little bag?? And did you find the cherry pattern at Joann's as well? My sister would LOVE this! You are so talented!! Ü

I see I'm not the only one who wonders if you sell your bags in your e-bay store! Great minds think alike!

Oh my gosh!! I love EVERYTHING about this bag!! Seriously...do you take orders?? I would be very interested in just this exact bag. It's beautiful just the way it is! You are truly gifted! Thanks for sharing your awesome talents with us.

Loooooove the bag ---love the cherry material ---and do I see chickens in your stack o' fabric?? Too cute!!!!

Wow look at all the purdy material!! I can totally see so many PP's there!! I always have CS on my mind I know...
Love the bag too Anna, is there anything you DON'T do? Bwahahaha

That is absolutely adorable. I'm always amazed when people make things like this. Thanks for sharing it with us!!!

I love the bag. It looks great just the way it is. I also like all the bright springy material. I agree with some of the others that you should sell them in your store.

The bag is absolutely gorgeous Anna!! So talented! Cutting into your fabric....kinda like cutting into new patterned paper, right?? Hard to do but glad you did when you see the finished product!!

I love the fabric you chose for this bag. I bought some fabric a couple of weeks ago to make Goose clothes. Would you mind sharing the pattern # you used? I don't know if I have this one or not.
Thanks, Rita

Oh wow! I love, love, love your bag! Do you sell them? I'm addicted! Do you have a pattern? I just bought a Janome mini last week, and I haven't taken it out of the box! I'm a novice, but I'm enjoying quilting and would like to expand a bit. I found your site through Chris, a friend. I don't know how she found you, but I enjoy seeing your talents!

Awesome job! I wish I had a third of your talent. As someone else said, is there anything you can't do? Your talent amazes me. Great job and thanks for sharing!!!

I love it! You should definately sell them in your ebay store. I bet you won't be able to make them fast enough. Is there anything you can't do? I don't know what your day job is, but I bet you could quit it and make a living off all of your fabulous creations! You are unbelievably talented!

You are absolutely fantastic!
So beautiful bags!

Oh What awesome fabric!! Anna... I think you should sell your bags in your ebay store!! They're so cute!! I'd definitely buy one!!!

This is really cute! You don't need to add a thing...can't wait to see what you make with the snail and froggie material!!

What a cute bag! AND what a nice start to your fabric stash! Unfortunately for me, it's like patterned paper--I just want to collect it--not cut into it!

PS: That's a beautiful stack of fabric. I don't think the bag needs anything else, but you could try making a small-width tubing (like spaghetti straps) from the cherry fabric and tie a little bow on the side or sides or the front at the top to bring the color up. Maybe put it around the neck of the top in a very small band, similar to the straps but ironed flat. There, that's my two cents.

OOOOOOhhhhhhh, AAAhhhhhhhhh, OMG, what a beautiful bag. You're now resurging my interest in my sewing machineS. One is right here on my computer desk and the most attention it has received lately is being dusted, LOL. I started a quilt top a year ago and it's almost finished. I think I will find it, then rest a while, then dust it off and rest a while, then try to remember where I was, and rest a while. Maybe I'll actually start sewing by the end of the MONTH! TFS.

That bag is adorable just the way it is!! Those fabrics are so cheery, too.

You should seriously consider selling those handbags in Sassy & Sweet Crafts. They would sell in a heartbeat!

I don't think this bag needs another thing! I love the black ric-rac. That is the perfect accessory. *Ü*

How fun! I love how your bag turned out! I love the cherrys too. I wish I could sew but I just don't seem to have the patience for it...

Don't you just love going to the fabric store. I love your bag!!! Great colors and size. I'm glad to see that I am not the only stamper who has "gasp" other crafting hobbies too!....now I wanna go fabric shopping...maybe later!! Thanks for sharing.

VERY cute bag! If you REALLY feel the need to add a little something, maybe some type of red embellishment near the top to tie in the cherries? A button or a ribbon (or both!)?

Love your blog and your stamped creations too!

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