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I sooooo want that bag, but I know my hubby would just kill me if I bid on it!!! Any plans for making more?!?! Pretty please! Oh, and I would still love to know how you make those adorable quilted coasters. I was so bummed I didn't win one! :( Thanks for sharing all your talent with us Anna!!~Crystal

This bag is adorable. Will you be making some to sell? I know that you have it on ebay for bidding but since I never win any thing I bid on I was wondering if in the future you might make a few at a time and sell them


This bag is super cute! Unfortunately, I can't bid on it because I'm at the point where, according to my agreement with DH, if I buy another purse (assuming I were lucky enough to win the bidding war), I'd have to give up one of my current purses. And right now I love them all too much to do it!! However, because I was in your ebay store, I did HAVE to buy a scallop punch and that will help ease my no-cherry-handbag-blues. :)

OK, it is wicked unfair that you have ALL this talent rolled up into you. Well, this handbag is so flippin' CUTE that it'll be sold in the blink of an eye! Goodness gracious! What CAN'T you do???? Is there something? Anything???? Wicked unfair, I say . . . But, despite my jealousy, I still luvs ya' anyways . . . ;^)

OMG - you can SEW, too??????!!!!!

OMG - you can SEW, too??????!!!!!

I just put it on my watch list, but I'm sure it will be out of my price range in no time!!!! Anything you make is gold!! I had so much fun watching your snowman card auction, & I'll have fun watching this one as well!!

Anna - your sewing creations inspired me so much that I just signed up for an 8 week sewing class! Cool bag - heading to Ebay now!!! :-)

Adorable! I'm off to eBay! I know it will be beautiful, as everything you make is!

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