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Great card. I love the flower coming out of the shoe, but probably not for the same reason as everyone else. My husband's family has this problem: They have....

are you ready....


Seems both of our daughters have inherited the trait. Worse than that, their babies all have it too!!! Can you believe a baby who is yet to see her first birthday can have stinky feet???? Yup, tis' true!

Anyway, this card just proves that beautiful things can come from things not so appealing. Believe me, after many trips in the car with an odd nasty smell, ( they thought they could slip off their shoes without anyone noticing!!!) I can pick out stinky feet a mile away. And if you thing I can't be telling the truth here, we all like the smell of skunk!!! So, what does that tell you about their feet?

Thanks for brightening my day. I am going to send a link to this page to both of my girls so they can see that there is still hope. (I won't mention that most things grow better in fertilizer - and we all know what the best fertilizer is, right?)

Smiling as I type,

My mother would love this card! She is always saying things like that. I really love the design of these stamps! The thin lines and simple structure. They are great! And you make great cards with them!

Thanks for the giggle. What a *true* meaning to the phrase *bloom where you are planted* hmmm... Cute card. Very clever.

Congrats on your purse on ebay. $46 bucks. WoW. Looks like it was worth it though.

Have a good day.

As always your creations make me grin from ear to ear!!! So cute and I too love Rosie's Roadshow - her stamps and sayings are adorable!

As always your creations make me grin from ear to ear!!! So cute and I too love Rosie's Roadshow - her stamps and sayings are adorable!

I am beginning to think I need some Rosies Roadshow stamps. This is a darling card. The idea is just great. The card is soooo cute. Love it.

Ohhh how I love those shoes! That is an AWESOME card Anna!

Julie P.

Anna, you always come up with the best stamp combinations!! *grin*

What a great card! This is too cute for words! You have a great imagination to go with that great creativity!

So cheerful! This is one of my favorite sayings too! Love the combination of these two images.

That card is too cute! And I love how you take the pictures with the stamps in front. That really helps for those of us who are, um, visual!!! :)

This is a very nice card...such a unique composition!

Oh my! This is the cutest card! Who'd have thought to plant a flower inside a shoe??!! It's adorable! Love the patterned paper, too. I am lovin' Rosie's Roadshow. I feel another addiction coming on! TFS!

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