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That is crazy! Sounds like he got a good deal though.

Have a good day.

I love it..imagin driving up to the local coffee shop for my morning brew in that! Cool! I could scare all the slow drivers with just a flip of the switch to turn on the siren! ROTF!!! TFS!

Congrats to you both! A firetruck! Wow! I know how you feel...I remember the day that Kirt brought home a beautiful (ha!) 1965 Ford dump truck!!! Oh my goodness!:)

My dh has gotten two RV's and a truck on eBay to date....believe me, I know how crazy you think he is!! Hope he has fun with it :)

Did they really say that this thing was "in service"? Thank goodness I don't live in Bumpus Mills,TN. Speaking of Bumpus Mills, if you road trip to pick it up, PLEASE blog about it (with pics of course!). Can't wait to find out what he does with it. Thanks for sharing your hilarious story with us.

oooo That is too funny! Sure is a cool looking firetruck, though. Can't wait to see what all you buy!

ps. Better start practicing your "princess" wave for all those parades you can be in!

AHHHHH, but Anna, this firetruck is RED!!! This is SO you!!! Actually, I think this thing will look absolutely superb sitting in the middle of a farm! (but knowing men, this must go in a garage to protect it from the elements) Think of the photography this thing will generate! I don't think it is crazy at all. This thing can also go in local parades, you can show it at truck shows, and just THINK the attention you can get driving it down your local main street! ROTFL!!

Oh Man, I want to come and live with you guys - you have the greatest toys!! Keep on LIVING and LOVING Anna. Thanks for sharing.

What are he going to do with a firetruck? I can' even imagine!! I love reading your blog and it perks me up at the end of a hard day dealing with my 13 and 14 yr. old students.

how hillarious! you guys just made my day. We certainly are curious as to his intentions! ha ha ha! have a great weekend! :D

There is a man in our neighborhood who would definately not think Alan is crazy! He has built two monster size garages to house his collection of antique fire trucks! He goes around in one around CHRISTmas dressed as santa throwing candy to children in the streets.

Your post just made my day...I was sitting here with my mouth gaping open!!! That is just hilarious, I can see Billy in the driver's seat now! ~~belly laugh~~ too cool, it really is a neat truck, I hope it runs...what a funny thing to purchase!!! You'll have to let us know his intentions, it's just too interesting...we'll die of curiosity wanting to know what possesses a man to buy a firetruck!!! :)

Oh my goodness. Can I just say your life is so entertaining. I want to live in Bumpus Hills!

I just checked out the web site and saw that Alan is responsible for pick-up. So, I looked at where the truck is: WHERE is Bumpus Mills? The name sent me into a fit of giggles! Road trip!

A firetruck??? Now you can go in parades... or so the e-bay description says - haven't you always wanted to go in parades? :)

How awesome!!! Now what are you going to do to top that? You both make me smile. Have a great day.

You are such a LUCKY girl!!! Just call Whipper Snapper and order one of everything in the catalog! :-) You do realize that Alan purchased more than a fire truck. You will now need a building to store said fire truck and insurance to protect said fire truck! etc......... What a hoot! Let's face it though, Alan had the courgage to do what we all secretly want to do -- purchase something extravagant just BECAUSE! He is definately a keeper now because he can NEVER again give you ANY grief about your crafting.
Thanks so much for the giggle on a brrrrr, chilly Friday!

urgh I left this big long message,,,then the page wouldnt display! I said something like...YUP he's lost it!! Bwahahahah
What on earth is he planning to do with it?...and post pics of all the stuff YOU get now!! haha

Anna that is just too funny!! I live out in the country in PA & see many 'unique' items for sale. Yep, have seen a firetruck w/a for sale sign on it - more than once! I always think to myself "Who would buy a firetruck?" LOL - boys will always keep you guessing won't they?


Thanks for the giggle Anna! And you're right, that's a lot of stamps........ Happy shopping friend!

so Anna, did you burn dinner a few too many times or something? :)

LOL ~~~ oh, this made me laugh!! I think you two are made for each other!!!!

Do you have any pictures of the two of you together that you can post??? I'd love to see the nutty couple!!!!

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA - boys and their toys!!!

Now you go spend the same amount on stamps and embellies (the REAL toys!!) and call it a day!! ROFL!!!

ok - suddenly my hubby's first time ebay purchase of a snowmobile doesn't seem so crazy! (seriously, the first time he ever used ebay he bought a freakin snowmobile... ) Yeah, have fun with that one! I'd say you have LOTSA catchin up to do for that!!!! Men. Just *what* goes thru those minds if theirs?

That is AWESOME!! How cool to just up and buy a firetruck! Sometimes you just gotta really love ebay!

Oh Anna - that is hysterical - one cool truck though - and only 19k miles on it!

Vintage fun!

Now you must search for **THE** perfect firetruck stamp! Or draw one!

That is just sooooooo funny, what on earth does he want a fire engine for (not thats its not a great thing to have i'm sure!!!) but what will he do with it???? hehe he that has made my day

COOL!!!! My firefighter DH would be green (or red??) with jealousy!!! I'll be sure to look for this drivin' down the highway sometime!!

Jackie G.

and Alan needs a fire truck WHY?!?!? i missed something somewhere..

It looks pretty darn nice! Will they ship it? What does he plan on doing with it? He's not any crazier than the rest of us! His toys are just bigger and more expensive!

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