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You are so genius! I love love LOVE this design! Clever girl you are!!!

absolutely love this card- going to find some time to stack a stamp today! lol!
thanks for the inspiration!

Great retro card, Anna -- paper is perfect for those bright coffee mugs I also remember!

I used to drink 2 pots of coffee BEFORE my kids hit the bus every morning. I gave it up cold turkey when I found out I had ulcers. I still have ulcers off and on, so its not the coffee. Maybe its the stress of no coffee? I can smell the stuff brewing in my head to this day.

Too funny - I love this!

Now this card is way too much fun! LOVE it!! :)

I wouldn't have guessed that you'd done the stacking and it wasn't a whole stamp. This is adorable!

W O W! What a memory you brought back to me.
My great-grandmother had some really pretty (to me anyway) pink and turquoise cups, and get this, they were made of MELMACk (I'm not sure about the K on the end of the name). They were pourous and would retain coffee stains that my G-Grndmth couldn't see. I was freezing the day we went to her house and she offered us hot chocolate, which I excitedly accepted. When I saw the cup I didn't want to drink it but that was back in the 50's when your parents MADE you do the right thing, so I drank it and kept it down as warned, LOL
Your card is WONDERFUL - bet you didn't realize how thought provoking your creations can be, huh? LOL!

Anna, Cute as always. Love the bright colors. I love coffee mugs myself and have quite a few. Enjoyed your story about your Grandma's mugs. Ida

Too funny! You did a great job of stacking your mugs :)

This is fabulous. What a unique card. Love it!

So darn cute!!! I think I've had that many today already!!
Gina K.

This is fabulous - I love it!!! TFS!

OOOH! I just LOVE this collection of mugs. You have seen my cabinet, haven't you? I have been collecting mugs since I was a little girl. This card is just perfect! TFS Janet in NC

Cute card, love the bright colors.

That is such a cute & clever card! Funny story too. :)

Hey I have something like that going on in my dish drying rack in the kitchen...:) Love your card Anna.

So much fun...like with real stacking though, I would probably cause a huge catastrophe if I attempted to stamp such a huge stack!

Very cute and loved the story along regarding the mugs. They remind me of Fiestaware and all the colors they have!

TFS Anna... love the story to go with the cute card. It's funny that you made a cup card as I was in our local grocery and they had the cutest polka-dot squared top mug... instantly fell in love! *wink*

Love this card! How clever to stack the mugs like that - I would never have thought of doing that with one of my mug stamps - but now I'm so inspired by this card, I'll have to try! *lol*

Anna, ONLY YOU have such a knack for stacking things!! *back away from the cupboard* Bwahahaha! You Rock!

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