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I know this is late but I have been gone all day stamping...
Glad you are back. I missed you.
Gramma Dar

I'm not sure if we are on the same time zone. If not I would love a chance at these stamps. There is only one Michael's in NE that I am aware of and it is 3.5 hrs from where I live!!

I am too late to get in on the drawing. I just got home from work. I just wanted to say that I love all your new valentine designs. They are great. I've already ordered one. I must get another order in soon.

Sure WISH Michael's was closer but on the other hand, maybe not???? I love seeing what cards you have created on your blog! Thanks for sharing!

Cool stamps! I'm in....hope you pick me! Thanks!


I have enjoyed your blog so much. I am just a little to the north of you in Albany. Love these stamps and would love to be considered in the drawing. Thanks!

Your blog is just great. I really enjoy seeing your stuff.

Hi Anna,

Wow another giveaway?!? You are very generous to all of us blog fans! Just wanted to say that I love your creations and look forward to seeing your new posts. Happy New Year!

Hi Anna- Please delete if this is a duplicate post. Love your designs and visit your blog regularly!

Always love your blog candy...(it's the only candy that doesn't go straight to my hips...LOL!) As always, thank you for sharing! :)

Cute, cute stamps! My Mike's does not have these yet. I'm ready to stamp some pink!

I left a message earlier and it doesn't look like it got in....these stamps are adorable and I can think of all kinds of creations with them....thanks for sharing - I'm getting in the mood to stamp Valentines now!!! Jeanne in Idaho

love your blog! and the new valentine stamps are awesome!

Love the stamps and your website. I havent seen these stamps at my Michaels. I'm going to go check it out tonight! Thanks for all your inspiring work.

Anna I can't wait until January 15th. I love the stamps you designed. The blog candy stamps are cute too just not as cute as your's but I am not complaining. I just love stamps. Thanks

I enjoy reading your blog! I also love free stamps so sign me up for the list!

hi Anna - wow there's a lot of comments; your blog is so popular!! thanks for sharing all your great ideas and creations. would love to win these stamps from Mikes; otherwise i'm going to have to actually find some time to get in there myself to see if they have them.

happy new year!!

Beth B.

Yeah, love your blog candy. That little pup is just darling!

Pick me! Pick me! We moved about 6 months ago--there is no Michael's here and I'm in craft store withdrawal!

Always fun to see what is now on your blog. I am excited about the new Whipper Snapper designs and can't wait to see more. Ida

No, no, pick me! Unless you're going to have a drawing for your own designs. . .then I can wait ;)

Pick Me!!! LOL
Glad you are back!

So cute! Love reading your blog!

Love your site! It always makes me smile.


Oh I love these!
My Baby Boy was born on Valentine's Day last year!!!! Nothing is a sweeter Valentine than that....but this would be really nice too :)

Gosh...I do hope I win then I wouldn't need to go to Michaels to purchase these cute stamps. Thank you.

Cute stamps! Love your Blog...

Oh, just look at those cute stamps. I am getting a new puppy in two days...it is off to Michaels to get that puppy stamp!

I love your blog. Keep the creativity coming!

Those stamps are cute! Being a newlywed, I could put them to use.

Love all of the pictures you post, cards of course but I especially love the animal photos. That Racoon at your Dad's was so cute...I'm sure they are big pests too but I am envious of anyone living in or near the woods because of the wildlife.

You are so generous to give away stamps! Wish I lived near a Michael's! I would have a better chance to go buy them! :)

Hi. I love your stamps and I wish I could find them here in Sweden. I haven't tried ordering form the U.S yet, as it seems to bee a little bit too fussy. (But maybe one day..) I love your coloring. I´ve been trying to find the pencils you use but no luck so far. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Helena in Borås,Sweden

Ooo, with the puppy love stamp, I'll have to come out of lurking and play! Just love checking in with you, you are such an inspiration!
Susan in TX

hello Anna,
what cute stamps you have picked!!!
did you get yourself some too? if so, i would love to see what you have created with them.

thank you for offering blog candy to all of us
claudia rosa

These stamps weren't at my Michaels!! Cute, cute!

I love blog candy!

Hugs Linda

I found your blog last week,and i just love your art! I look every day to see if there something new :)

Oh I so have to post a comment - since we don't even have a Michael's store here in Australia. :)

Gorgeous little stamps - and I love that you do blog candy.

I always check out Mike's dollar bin (although here, they're 1.50) whenever I happened to drive through a town that has one! I've picked up a few but I haven't seen these ones! Great blog, BTW, love checking out the amazing things you create!

Aw, absolutley love the puppy!!! And love your blog. Thanks for all you do.


Oh, the puppy love is awesome!!! I gotta go check out Mike's again. :) Unless of course I'm lucky enough to win!!!

Wahoo, I love stampy give-aways!! Thanks!
--Laura N.

OMG... that "Puppy Love" stamp is just the cutest.... Aw heck, they all are!
You are so nice for doing this! How sweet!
I love checking out your blog every chance I get!
Renee V.

pick me, pick me. These are too cute.


love your sassy blog!!!

Love your blog. Great for inspiration !!!
My local Michaels hasn't got their valentine's stamps out yet. Those are really cute. I'll have to check again !

Linda H.

Yippy, another candy blog....I just love these.
I also love your little stamps, too cute.
Thanks for everything you do.


No Michaels' here so I would love to win this. Thanks again for you awesome blog (and blog candy)!

Glad you're back.... I love checking your blog.... you are a great artist! those stamps are really cute!


Anna I can't wait to see your newest stamp designs!I am just now starting to catch up after having the baby so I had to head over here to see what you have been up to! I am so loving the yummy snatches I see of the new stuff! :)
I can't afford to love yet another company! LOL

Oh how I would love to win those stamps so please, please, please, purty please draw my name!!!

Love the stamps. My Michaels never seems to have the stamps I see in blogs.

Oooh, ooooh...pick me, pick me! :-)

I saw these and some other really cute inexpensive valentine stamps at Micheals too. I got a couple and can't wait to make my DH his card. Ususally I do one at a make and take and then am so excited to show him when I bring it home that it ruins the 'surprise'! Your site is really nice. I have now bookmarked it for future reading. Tanya

Love your blog and love your blog candy..! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!


Please draw me!

Mmm... candy... hehe! Doh! ~:-)

Wow! You are are one wonderful Lady! If you happen to choose my name please pick the next person since I have already won blog candy from you. Spread that candy around!

Thanks for the chance at your blog candy. I'm constantly inspired by your great art work!

I love when you give away blog candy! YIPPEE!

Oh My Gosh! That "puppy love" stamp is so great! Thanks Anna for sharing your goodies! How are your pooches?

Love, love, love your work. Will you post a link to your Whipper Snapper designs. I think I can spot your designs. Maybe that can be a blog contest: Spot Anna's Whipper Snapper designs!

yummo! How cute are these little stamps. Gotta love Michaels! And what about all their
new ribbon! I could go crazy!

Blog candy without the calories. What girl doesn't want a piece? This makes me want to get started on Valentine cards.

Glad you had a great time up here in the Northwest. Right now its a snowin' like the dickens. Yikes!

Oooo, I love blog candy; YUM!!! I just love the $1 stamps at Michael's and still have some that need to be inked up. I love the "Puppy Love" stamp.

What fun, what fun! Sign me up please! I haven't been to Michael's in a while so I haven't seen any of these yet. These are so cute!

That little "puppy love" stamp is way too cute!! Now if only I could find a store near me that sold Whipper Snapper stamps, I'd be set. :)

I haven't been to Michaels yet to look for Valentine stamps, but these are adorable! Thanks for offering them!

Hi Anna,

Just want to let you know I am a BIG fan of everything you create! From your photography to your stamped designs - what an inspiration you are!! Always looking forward to your latest creation.

P.S. I almost peed my pants watching the "Intern meets Crocodile Hunter" :0)!


Great Blog candy! I wish I had a Michaels close.

I just LOVE your blog! I think I have you to thank for one of my xmas presents from my DH too - a Giga Scallop Oval punch. Woo hoo! Thanks for that too. :)


Ha - this is funny. I am having a giveaway on my blog as well - with Michael's 1.00 valentines stamps - but they are not the same ones. I like yours better :-) Thanks for your contest!

Wow love these. I am trying to stay away from my Michael's, but now I may have to go!!


Thanks for posting another give away! I'd love to be entered. Thanks - Cindy Keery

You are *so* generous!


Love the stamps! You need to go shopping with your Mother more often! :-) I wish my Michael's wasn't on the other side of town -- course that helps me stay out of trouble, sort of! Found some GREAT Christmas stamps at Ben Franklin the other day for 75% off! Yahoo! One of them is coming your way! When do your Whipper Snapper stamps hit the internet?
Hope Alan and the kids are well! Manetta

Love your blog!!

I love checking out your blog for refreshing inspiration. My local Mikes had some cute Vday stamps, but I think I'm in a hot stamping area... I didn't see these cute little diddies! :)

Whooohooo! Blog candy! Yet another excuse to check your blog---hee hee.

Oh, those are so cute! My Michaels had *none* the last time I was there!

Yummy---Candy! :0) Thanks for such a great blog Anna--I look forward to seeing each day what you have found or done!

YAY!! Blog Candy!! Yummie!! These are adorable Anna.
You always find the most adorable stuff. I have to get to Mikes more.
Have a Supa Day!

You're confusing me on a bad day!! Your post says post a comment by December 11th, and your blog said you posted this today. I figured it out, I just needed a little bit more brain power. I don't have much to spare. :)

Can't wait to see more of the new Whipper Snapper stamps!!

very cute stamps! love checking in on your blog - that link you posted for the "chicks" is awesome!! thanks for sharing!

I am so glad you are back from your vacation. I know everyone needs one but you were definately missed.

I love your blog candy! I'm heading over to Mike's to see if they have any of these cute stamps left.

I'm really excited about the new Whipper Snapper stamps. I ran in Creative Pals the other day and picked up one of your stamps. :)


Oh..I have to go check out Micheals to see if they have any new V day stamps. These are to cute..hope I win. I love your blog candy

I saw these stamps at my local Mike's but got distracted b/c I also found the elusive Mike's $ Prego stamp :) Ended up with the prego stamp and lots of great ribbon but forgot about going back to check out the v-day stamps. Let's see if I get lucky.

BTW, love your blog.

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