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Is harp seal a breed of cat? I tried t google it and kept coming up with harp seals that swim! Zilla is so beautiful!

How cute Dixie's Chick looks. Also Zilla is adorable too!

Dixie's chick is perfect! And Zilla has the most beautiful eyes I have seen on a cat. TFS


congrats! love new life on a farm! poor thing being born in this cold weather- brrrrrrrrrrr
must have been cold after coming out and getting the first bath from mama! lol!

Oh my!! What a beautiful cat you have!!! And congrats on the new addition to the farm too.

Dixie and her *Chick* are so sweet together! So glad you didn't have to bring her in the house like the little chicks--hee hee! Zilla is gorgeous--male or female?

Awwww...welcome to the world Dixie's Chick! She's so cute!! And your 'harp seal kitty' is darling too! Hello Zilla!!
Thanks for sharing the critter family news!

Hahaha.....Dixie's Chick.......hahaha! Cute!

I absolutely *LOVE* the picture of Zilla! What a gorgeous(big!)kitty!

YAY!! I knew she was a she! If you ask me I think she looks like an 'Anabelle' =) Whatcha think Alan?? Hee Hee

congrats on 'Dixie's Chick'!! calves are sooo cute! and Zilla is so pretty!!

Oh, Momma and baby are so beautiful!!! I would love to see them...and your kitty is to die for...we have 7, and I love each and every one of them so much! I am a kitty lush! haha Congratulations to Dixie for her gorgeous baby! and so glad she's a good Mom :) Hugs to Zilla!!!

What a sweet kitty :-)

Delivering anything over 7 pounds is big!

Congratulations on the new addition. I like the name! I have a nearly 15 year old American Eskima dog who's name is...
Cascade's Dixie Rebel (we call him) Rebel or Hog Dog as he eats like one.
I also LOVE your cat! Is that a "breed" of cat? Very pretty. Ida

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