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My sewing machine is just a little ole Singer Feather weight. I'm going to upgrade one of these days! Where are you getting all of your cute patterns from?? Puh-leeeeze tell! *Ü*

Great machine! Enjoy it.

Wow, lots of bells and whistles! I know where Newport is! Nanner, nanner!

OMGosh how fun! Enjoy your new machine

OH Anna~You will have SO much fun with this great machine. DH bought a Bernina for me 20 yrs. ago, and it still works like brand new. (although I did have to spend $600 on it about 4 yrs. ago when I got the cord wrapped around my office chair and pulled the whole thing off on the floor.LOL!!!) I have sewed just about everything imaginable on that thing. Can't wait to see your creations! I am still in love with that Halloween quilt your mom made for you. Never did hear where she purchased that pattern~HINT!! BTW~ LOVE my Blog candy, and more on that later! Flu had us down for a good while!

What special things does this one do? Who is it made by?? I love the computerized machines! They are so slick!! WTG! You will love having it. My problem with having one is that I have a hard time putting paper through a nice machine. So I use my old one for that.

Wow!! I know diddly about sewing, but I do know that's a *NICE* machine --have lots of fun & be sure to show us what you make!!!

wow you can sew too??
i got one for my wedding and never used it before.
ha! my husband actually used it himself to fix his pants!

Great for you Anna! Want to see what your latest creations will look like! I'm sure they'll be wonderful for all your talent. Sad to say I have a Pfaff that I have only used for cards lately. Got burned out on quilts a couple years ago.

Wonderful machine Anna. Have fun with your new toy. Looking forward to seeing your future creations. You've been TAGGED over at www.paperinkpressions.blogspot.com Have FUN! *wink*

Thread tension.....argh!!! I have a Viking that I got several years ago. I cannot for the life of me keep the tension correct. I get so frustrated that I rarely get it out. I asked for a mini Janome for Christmas so I could sew on cards.

IF you can keep the thread tension in check, that's half the battle! I love my sewing machine (I got in last July!). I'm always lookiing for fun, quick projects to make on it - let me know if you discover some fun ones!

Holy Schmoley! That is WAY better than the one I bought like FIVE years ago!! You lucky duck =)

I can't wait to see what wonders come out of that bad boy!

WOWZERS! You went all out! Good for you! You are so talented, I can only imagine what you are going to come up with! I got a new machine in November, and sadly have not used it yet...I know, that's pathetic!!! But at least I have it! Can't wait to see your creations. If you are as good at sewing as your Mom, we'd better look out!!! :) Hugs to Dixie's Chick!

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