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I LOVE your colored pencil holder!!! Would you share what it is and where I can find one??? Love the room!!!

I showed my dh your space.. he happened to be walking in the study... awesome... love the way it is set up.. just might have to make a trip to The Red Dot Boutique myself!

Anna banana,

Just checkin' in and I'm so glad I did. I'm in the process of creating a new crafty space and your pic is nearly identical to the vision in my head. Now I have something I can show my guy so he can help make it real. Thanks, girl!

your work area looks great!

love the fabric and i definitely agree you should make some more coasters for a blog giveaway! :-)

thanks for sharing all your great ideas. have a great day!

What is red rose tea? Your crafting space is awesome! I love the white drawer units. While I rarely craft in a clean space (always wanting to forge ahead without claeaning up the past project), it does make for a much more creative time. Have fun! Janet in NC

We have Red Rose tea up here in Canada......
LOVE the look of your stamping area!!!

This must have been national "straighten up your play room week". Your room looks beautiful! Joan Bardee got her first "designated" play room and worked on it this week-end. On Wed. I ordered some Store in Style and Crop in Style organizers on-line at The Oriental Trading Company. They arrived Sat. AM (great service!) I wasn't expecting them until 2/2. We spent the entire day putting them together. What a nice gift from my DH. It's so much easier and faster now that I can find my things!

I'm so jealous of your great stamping space. I really love all your storage. I also love the new blog look. I am so ready for spring to be here, and your banner immediately made me smile! Thanks!

You've just inspired me to clean up my space! Thanks!

I just had to comment on the tea :) I grew up with my father drinking a cup of Red Rose tea at least every morning. It wasn't a fancy variety of it, and it used to come with these little porcelain animals that my sister and I collected as a result of his tea drinking. Your post made me smile. I am from Kentucky originally, and they don't sell that tea there anymore and he sure misses it! TFS

Wow! your stampin area is really neatly laid out. Thanks for sharing.

WOW! I'm impressed! Your clean desk even makes ME want to stamp :)

Anna its no neat to see a visual of your room. I still picture in your room in Oregon...or should I say HOME STORE!! lmbo!

Oh, color me green with envy! Love your newly refurbished workspace. Jealous I am!

OMG, charm bundles! Reminded me that someplace I have two little boxes of 1" square fabric samples from Keepsake Quilting. Let the feverish search begin!

Ohhhhhhh love love your stamping storage. How awesome!

Wow, great looking space. I love the white units. It looks like you've added a lot of additional storage space with them!!

Wow! What a great workspace! And you can see your table!! I have some cleaning up to do...
Your cards are always great, Anna! Thank you for all the inspiration I get from your blog. I love the simple cards you've made lately!

Wow, your space is so nice...I can't seem to get mine organized right to save my life! I have plenty of storage options, but it just isn't working as well as I had hoped. I went to the fabric site and I ordered fabric! I had to do something to make me use my new sewing machine. Thanks so much for the link! I may be making some coasters, too! :)

Your work space looks great! I just redid mine and boy am I more productive having my stuff organized and close by!

I just bought that fabric charm pack last week!! LOVE IT. I am trying to figure out just what to do with it though....so inspire me, Anna! :)

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