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I learned something new today! Thanks for the link on Dexter cows. I can't remember hearing about them in my animal science classes in college. I like DIxie's Chicks name. Cute baby heifer! Congrats!

A-dorable!! How sweet, fingers are crossed for you having a good day :)

Awwww....what a cutie!!! :)

Anna, Your calf is darling. We have cattle also but we deal with the heat instead of the cold. We ended up with 4 heifers this summer and nine more cows due to calf in the spring. TFS

Awww Anna! He is simply adorable...takes me back to my days on the farm as a kid. Let us know if he is really a he...or if maybe she is a she!

Congratulations on your be-moo-tiful baby cow(sorry , couldn't resist some cow humor there). I hope he is up and about soon, and eats like a champ...

OH, what a beautiful calf!!! I want to hug her! Congratulations, does that make you a "grandma"??!! LOL How fun to see new life on the farm!!! We have 20 acres, all fenced, I might just have to check out those Dexter cattle! (I have a degree in Animal Science, and my husband has a D.V.M. and a PhD)...anyway, I love new life!!! Beautiful pictures! :)

What a cutie! Such a sweet little face! Congrats on the newest addition!

Such a beautiful little baby - oh, so soft - I could just kiss it's sweet nose!!! xoxoxo Congratulations to Dixie!!! Jeanne in Idaho

What a doll! Congrats on the beautiful new addition!!

Oh how sweet!!! Dixie's baby came on my birthday! I wish I was there to give him a little coo chee coo..... He is soo cute, what a pretty chocolate color too, beautiful. I had no idea this breed even existed, thanks for the info. When I was growing up, we raised Herefords and as I recall (vividly) most of them were not nice. I remember running several times...

Congrats on your new addition! I love that first picture -- so sweet!



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