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What Prismacolor pencils do you use? There are like 5 different types and I'm feeling overwhelmed by the choices.

Thanks for the tutorial by the way!!

I'm thinking of getting started doing this technique myself, and I was wondering about something. I've heard that it has to be Prisma colored pencil you use to do this technique,- is that true? Why is that? I hope you know the answers to this =)

Thank you soooo much for these past few tutorials...they are so informative and helpful... answered so many questions that I had as a new stamper!

Hi, I have looked everywhere for Gamsol. Nobody around here carries it or has ever heard of it. I bought some mineral spirits and tried that. I have the good Pencils like you and the stumps you recommend. It does not work. I try and try and it just does not do anything. Question: Are the colored pencils you use 'watercolor' pencils or just the plain Prismacolor pencils? Could it be that the mineral spirits don't work like the Gamsol does? I love your work and the vibrant colors. I would love to be able to do it. Help please if you can. Thanks, Norma

This was a great tutorial. I am a huge fan of your work, specifically your shading expertise! I am definitely going to try this. I am going to go home and get my Michael's coupon, and go get some Prismacolors and Gamsol!!!

Thanks a ton!!!

I would like to get some more info on Gamsol - as it is a chemical they won't ship to Sweden by air (and I refuse to wait 3 months for it!) - is there anything similar that I might find over here?

As I am a china painter my stock on mineral spirits, turpentines and alcohol solutions is huge!

Great tutorial, Anna! Happy new Year!

Anna - so well written and explained. Even a blonde like me totally gets it now!! Hahahaha. Thanks so much.

I'm off to buy GAMSOL!!

(This is very kind of you to share this information - thanks so much).


Thank you for this tutorial too. Fantastic~!!

thank you so much for the tutorials. They were so helpful-your directions were so clear and the pictures of each step really helped!

Thanks for sharing these tutorials with us. It came out beautifully. I am still working on perfecting this technique. lol!

Anna- Thank you so much for the tutorials. They are going to be so helpful!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I have been needing this. I have tried it and it never seemed to work. I am gonna have to try it again now.

Thank you SOOOOOO much!
Guess what Santa left under my tree today....

You make it sound so easy, Anna! Your tutorials are great! I will have to get my "Anna" stamp out and give your method a try. Just a question, I have read there is a big difference in blending stumps - Chinese vs. Taiwanese - one softer than the other. I have the hard ones and can't seem to find the other. Which do you use and do you feel it makes a difference?

I just read both of your tutorials on watercoloring and pencils. Very nice. Thanks so much for sharing. You make it look so easy, when it takes practice (and skill helps too!). I really enjoy your blog.

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