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Great BLOG.. my favorite for sure!
YLM aka Cindy

I love how you do all this blog candy.

Love your work too. Very inspiring.


Thanks so much for your wonderful blog. I always get great inspiration from you.

Anna, you totally outdo yourself, every time!! Thanks for all you do :)

Love your blog. Your stuff is beautiful. I have never been to Michaels. Will have to change that!

Man - sure wish we had a Michaels closer than 2 hours.......LOVE your blog!
Dale Anne

I love your blog and wish I could find such cool stamps at Michaels. I guess I am just not looking in the right places :)

Awesome blog. You are so talented!

Love your blog. Thanks for entering me in your contest :-)
Tami -

Anna - just started reading your blog. Love it!! Thanks for your generosity!!

Love your blog. Thanks so much for sharing your talent (and your blog candy)!! Happy Holidays!

Yeay, stamps! Gotta love the rubbah! :)

Where does Michael's hide the dollar stamps? I never see any at mine. Love the tree. Lots of ours are gone thanks to a lovely wind storm that came racing through yesterday and, especially, last night. Lost power and access to twinkle lights for about four hours. Have a wonderful weekend!

p.s. Say 'Howdy' to Alan and hugs to the kids!

Hi. I enjoy your blog and it is one that I visit regularly. I want to thank you for sharing your talent and inspiring me. I envy you who live close enough to Michael's to get these cute stamps. Unfortunately there isn't one near my home.

All I can say is, Thank God it's Friday!!!! Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow too.....I could really use some candy!!!LOL; just kidding, the DD gallery was sweet enough to make my day!! Not that I wouldn't like some candy, blog candy..oh gee, I need to go home!

hi anna,
love the stamps. i havent seen them at my mikes, so hope i will be the lucky winner :-)

thanks so much for so much blog candy.
happy holidays.
claudia Rosa

Yum, Yum! I love blog candy. Aren't those $1 stamps the best?

Visit your blog regularly. Thanks for sharing and happy holidays!!

Merry Christmas Anna - Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us - such an inspiration!!

Beth B.

Merry Christmas Anna - thanks for sharing all your beautiful work - you're such an inspiration!!

Beth B



Ohhhh, these are soooo cute. I've never seen the Christmas tree one before. My grandmother whom we called Gammy always said HO Ho HO! It was her signature phrase. The holidays are so different without her. I hope I win. Pick me, pick me!

I love all your Christmas cards made with all your cute snowmen. These with the trees are very nice. Love the quilted look.

Wouldn't you know it, I haven't even been to Michael's this month to check out their cute stamps (just oogling everybody else's stash!). These are sweet!-

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!! Love your blog and the stamps!!

Tracy in Canada

Hmmm....I've bought many a dollar stamp at Michael's but never saw either of these. Would LOVE to add them to my collection :) You are so generous with all of your giveaways!! Merry Xmas!!


Still checking your blog out daily and lovin it!! Happy Holidays!

Love your work and Happy Holidays!!!

I really enjoy your blog - it was one of the first I looked at. I always thought...blogs...what are they for?? Well, now I know! I enjoy seeing all of the clever creations and have certainly been inspired by yours!

Merry Christmas!

Okay, I'm in! You are just too nice, Anna! Thank you for doing this...again!
Rubber Hugs,

I was just viewing the SCS DD gallery this morning, and I was loving all your posts! I said to myself, I gotta check out who is Anna Wight, she's got so many great ideas....then I saw it, SweetMissDaisy.... DUH! Great blog too!

Hi Anna,
Don't put me in the drawing, I won last week. I just wanted to know if you got the email I sent with my address. Send me an email at L8ybug 2 at hotmail dot com and let me know. Thanks, Rita

Hi Anna,
Don't put me in the drawing, I won last week. I just wanted to know if you got the email I sent with my address. Send me an email at L8ybug 2 at hotmail dot com and let me know. Thanks, Rita

What a fun thing to do. Love your blog. Have a great Christmas!

LOVE your blog and these stamps are adorable - the best kind of "Candy"!! Happy Holidays! Sandy D.

You are so fun to have these give-aways. Would love to win. Love your blog. Thanks for all you do. Merry Christmas.

Hurrah for Christmas! Thanks for sharing. ~:-D Tracey

What a great give-away -- blog candy, indeed.

Thank you!

Wow, what a great day! it's friday, it's payday. it is SCS DD Day and now Blog candy....can it get any better?

Whoohooo! Love Blog Candy!

You have the absolute best blog. I enjoy reading all that you have to say and post as far as your cards. Thanks for taking the time to brighten someone's day!

These are darling stamps. No Mike's close to me at all. Woe is me.
Thanks for sharing all your inspirations.
Have a Great Weekend!

pick me! Pick me! Have a great day!

Kelli Doubek

I've not seen all these Michaels stamps at my Michaels... maybe not in Canada??? Hmmmm

Thanks for your generousity!

I enjoy your blog so much and check it out daily for your great cards and inspiration. Thanks for taking the time to share with all of us. I hope you and your family have a very Blessed Christmas and a great New Year's. Linda

Can your family enter to win? Very cute!

Love your blog!

Thanks for posting another give away - what fun!!

I love them!
Rhonda Phillips

Hi Anna,
I love your blog. For some reason I am not getting the automatic updates. Hmm.
Have a wonderful Weekend.

Cute stamps. I wish I had a Michael's close-by. Have a super weekend!

I never see them at my Mike's store either. But I,m looking on a shelf all arranged, they are probably somewhere you have to dig for them!

Love the blog! gotta check it everyday too! Thanks agian for being so generous!!

Love your blog, my first visit every day. Unless they are hiding them I never see these stamps at Mikes.

Those are so cute! Thanks for all you do for your readers! Have a fabulous weekend!

Yeah!! I hope I win! Thanks for sharing. I love to visit your blog.
Michelle T.

Oh my, first to post. I'm lucky in that, being almost all of the northwest is without power this a.m from this fierce wind storm. One can always stamp by candle. Where there's a will there's a way.
Have a great day,
Kathryn S

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