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You simply cannot beat the taste of a "real" egg. Nothing comes close. Sometimes I miss our chickens. :(

WOW, those eggs were nice!!
My father have hens too, but the are to young for "eggproduction" jet.

Love all your cards!! You are brilliant!!!

Hilde from Norway

When one gathers 13,000 of these babies a day (at peek) they are NOT lovely~giggle!!!! We have 2 commercial breeder houses and 2 pullet houses. We do get free eggs to eat though, and with 6 kids, free eggs are a huge blessing! We get baby chicks (about 15,000) in our pullet houses tomorrow. They are SO cute when they first come in! What is so unbelieveable, they barely fill up half a house. By the time the flock is 21 weeks, they completely fill up the whole 350 ft. long house from end to end.

I miss my grandparents' chickens, the eggs were always delicious! One hen we named grandma (my grandma's favorite?) and she laid green eggs. No kidding. But that was almost 20yrs ago, but thanks for the memories. :)

My parents have hens that lay eggs and I just love when we visit so I can bring some home. They are just so much better than store bought eggs!

Yummy, farm fresh eggs with bright yellow yolks! TFS the beautiful picture

Oooh I love the photo.


The are beauties for sure. We use to have chickens and it was always fun to go and gather the eggs. We had a beautiful rooster named Brewster too. Oh those were the days......

Wow, really nice eggs! What a beautiful picture...sure wish I weren't 3 states away from you, I'd come buy some!! :)

They look great. That's a beautiful picture!

love the freckles on the eggs!

I've never had farm fresh eggs -- just another reason for me to come visit ;)

I'm kidding......sort of!

They are gorgeous! I bet they taste wonderful! Fresh eggs are always the best!

Oh I know how those eggs would taste.....I have a friend who I buy eggs from. She called just the other day to say her chickens have started to lay again - they had a rest for awhile and she was apologizing for raising the price....GOSH - once you've tasted FARM FRESH - its hard to go back to those tasteless ones!!!

Yes they are. Isn't it amazing the way God takes care of us in the way of food? I'll take a dozen. TFS!

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